Best Things To Do In Bovina NY

Things To Do In Bovina NY

Have you ever been to a new location and felt a sense of awe? It happens at the Bovina Center for many tourists.

Don’t be fooled by Bovina Center’s lack of popularity in comparison to other cities within the United States. Bovina Center is a modest but lovely future tourist attraction that is well worth a visit. Some of the interesting things to do in Bovina NY, and destinations to see at this secret getaway will astound you.

You might want to return someday to take a breather and recharge at the Bovina Center.

If you are planning a trip to the United States and are unsure whether Bovina Center should feature on your schedule, continue to read. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the things to do in Bovina NY. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you did if you incorporate this location into your vacation plans.

1. Catskills

Check out the adjacent Shavertown Trail that surrounds Pepacton Reservoir, or take it leisurely and ride Delaware and also Ulster County Historic Railroad in Arkville. There is also a lot of angling in the region, and if you remain with Sara and Sohail, he might tell you about his favorite areas. This is one of the best things to do in Bovina NY.


2. Things To Do In Bovina NY At Plattekill Mountain

Plattekill Mountain, this area’s most popular things to do in Bovina, NY, offers snowboarding, skating, and bike riding (or just plain bicycling—rent bikes from $30/day and ride the gorgeous paths!) It’s only 30 minutes away, therefore if you’re considering a weekend skiing trip this holiday, Bovina could be a great place to stay.

3. Kabinett & Kammer

The neighboring city of Andes offers a few very nice businesses for a more convenient shopping experience—our favorite is Kabinett and Kammer for antique oddities, rare taxidermy, furnishings, as well as prints. One could consider this as one of the good things to do in Bovina NY.

Kabinett & Kammer

4. Wayside Cider

Right across the road is the breathtaking The Annex, wherein Sean of Kabinett & Kammer has collaborated with Wayside Cider to create the most stunning pop-up environment we’ve seen in a while. It’s furnished with Sean’s distinctive antiques, big taxidermy, pop-up merchants including Tread light Farm, as well as Wayside Cider samples.

Wayside Cider

5. Clementine

Clementine is yet another fantastic boutique in town that sells high-quality vintage apparel. Additionally, there are several barn purchases all along the sides of the highway, and an eye out for thrift shops as well. We discovered a fantastic unlisted one near Margaretteville! One could consider this as one of the good things to do in Bovina, NY.


6. Burnett Farms

Finally, Bovina is farming land, and visiting the several farms inside the region is a lot of fun things to do in Bovina NY. We previously spent an afternoon visiting Burnett Farms, at which we were shown around by NYC ex-pat Steve Burnett, who breeds livestock and harvests fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

7. Things To Do In Bovina NY At Green Shepard Farm

 Although if you do not even intend to camp nearby, the best things to do in Bovina NY is to schedule a visit with Green Shepard Farm to visit, nurture, and engage with the sheep; simply contact or mail to arrange an appointment. In reality, several farmers in the region are delighted to tour you around—for a listing and explanation of every one of these farms, see this listing of Bovina Farmers.

Green Shepard Farm

8. Russell’s General Store

Russell’s Shopping Center serves breakfast, supper, snacking, and even supplies throughout your stay. If there’s nothing else, go for the morning egg sandwiches made with fresh produce eggs and regional meats.

Excellent for lunch and breakfast. Adorable general store with such a variety of tasty goods. There are a lot of local ingredients, foods, and goods. I had delicious cheese and egg sandwiches.

Also received a hot pan gluten-free brownie to just go, which I was expected to be just “ok”. That was great!!! I’ll eat any dessert they create on the next occasion I visit their shop. Look out for this hidden treasure for yourself. One could consider this as one of the good things to do in Bovina, NY.

9. Brushland Eating House

Brushland, titled after early-nineteenth-century eating houses, provides an atmosphere that is as welcoming as the food. We had an utterly great meal from beginning to end, and with such a lovely ambiance, it was simple to spend the entire night here.

The food is seasonally themed and pairs well with a Genesee. It is owned and managed by a pair who, not unexpectedly, had resided in the city. Arrive prepared and don’t pass up the starter carrots with toast!

Brushland Eating House

10. Camping at Green Shepherd Farm

The very basic campground is hidden behind a hillside underneath an amazingly beautiful pond. It contains a fireplace, enough room for two campers, and a little creek. Paths lead from the campsite’s entrance to both the sheep meadow and the owner’s residence.

Stephen & Anette, the owners of Green Shepherd Farm, departed New York City altogether, abandoning their fast-paced city lives to relocate to the countryside and establish a sheep farm.

Of course, no visit would be complete without a walk, where guests may feed both newborns and grownups their favorite treat: pistachio shells. There is no greater Bovina way to experience everything Bovina will have to provide. This incredible experience costs only $35 each night. One could consider this as one of the good things to do in Bovina, NY.


Certainly, the travel from New York City to Bovina is about the joy, and it’s well worth the trip. The peaks are almost instantaneously impressive as you approach Catskill Park, as well as its meandering roads bordered by enormous pine trees.

But, before enough, the huge mountains take a back seat to the idyllic rolling green hills and agriculture of Delaware County.

The majority of the roadways in this area are dirt, winding up massive mountains that ignore the Catskill Mountains towards the west and north. The roadside is framed by century-old barns plus wildflowers meadows.

Although Bovina’s main strip is small, it is the people that make the town unique and “large.” Everyone has a tale, from eccentric farmers to A-list entertainers.

FAQs Related Things To Do In Bovina NY

What is the best time to visit Bovina NY?

Between May and September is the best time to travel to Bovina inside New York state. This time of year is pleasant in terms of weather and precipitation.

How to reach Bovina NY?

You may get to the Bovina Center from New York via bus, cab, or vehicle.

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