15 Things To Do In Stony Brook NY?

Things To Do In Stony Brook NY

Located on Long Island, the quaint settlement of Stony Brook, New York, is a little-known destination.

It started as a settlement for colonial producers and gradually developed into the tourist destination and educational hub that it is today.

The biggest public university in the state, Stony Brook University, is most commonly linked to the neighborhood.

However, Stony Brook is enjoyed visiting its natural wonders, especially the marshes as well as water formations in the northernmost parts of the city. The top 15 things to do in Stony Brook NY, are shown below:

1. West Meadow Wetlands Reserve

One of the most popular locations in Stony Brook is the serene West Meadow Wetlands Reserve, which offers peaceful and picturesque scenery for outdoor enthusiasts.

Due to its proximity to Long Island Sound, the region has brackish water, which is created after freshwater and saltwater interact.

Furthermore, you’re invited to come by and take a look around as it is one of the best things to do in Stony Brook NY!

2. Long Island Museum

Long Island has a rich history that includes influences again from Native Americans, European explorers, colonial residents, and various ethnic groups that have inhabited the region.

The Long Island Museum, a 9-acre site in Stony Brook, preserves and honors this legacy.

Residents just refer to it as Long Island Museum even though its official designation is indeed the Long Island Museum of American Art, Heritage, as well as Carriages.

Long Island Museum

3. Avalon Nature Preserve

The stunning Avalon Nature Preserve serves as one of the best things to do in Stony Brook NY and is located right at the city’s edge.

It is an eight-acre site near Mill Pond with five ecosystems and local plant and animal life.

Since its inception, it has remained true to its objective of preserving and rehabilitating the region’s environments, including its woodlands and wetlands.

You are welcome to look around these areas and observe the wildlife.

Avalon Nature Preserve

4. Sand Street Beach

Given that it is situated just next to the bustling fishing port, Stony Brook’s peaceful Sands Street Beach provides one of the easiest places to reach the ocean and the best things to do in Stony Brook NY.

Although it lacks sand, except the beaches within West Meadow Wetlands Preserve, it is nonetheless a well-liked local destination.

Locals go there to unwind after long days at work and carry their fishing equipment in for a brief shore excursion.

Sand Street Beach

5. Staller Center For the Arts

In recent years and beyond, Stony Brook University had already been among Long Island’s best institutions for knowledge and training, addressing every subject, profession, and sector.

The Staller Hall For The Art, in which every form of art is researched and appreciated, is one of its most important institutions.

 Staller Center For the Arts

6. AMC Loews Stony Brook 17

Stop by the AMC Loews Stony Brook 17 to take a breather from your historical explorations and adventurous activities.

The main entertainment hub in Stony Brook, its movie theatre multiplex draws large crowds to view the newest movies.

The numerous conveniences and luxuries it provides are contributing factors to its appeal.

In addition to having cutting-edge monitors and projections, immersive sound, and 3D theatres, the building has been updated to be open to everybody.

AMC Loews Stony Brook 17

7. West Meadow Beach

The stunning West Meadow Beach, which stretches for further than hundreds of meters to Stony Brook’s northern margins, is right adjacent to the West Meadow Wetlands Preserve.

Sand beaches with beautiful scenery of Long Island Sound are another popular draw here for tourists as being one of the best things to do in Stony Brook NY.

The beach is open to everyone, however as it is only accessible to Stony Brook locals, you may want to pay a small fee upon entering.

8. Stony Brook Village Center

The lively Stony Brook Village Mall was built to give locals a true taste of New England.

The existing establishments were eventually replaced with more upscale and vintage shops because they originally struggled to make a profit.

The crescent-shaped estate is home to a wide variety of companies selling goods and amenities, from clothing and gift retailers to spas and restaurants.

9. The Jazz Loft

The Jazz Loft preserves one of the finest musical genres to have gained popularity in the city, which is a significant component of New York’s heritage.

This building acts as a jazz museum, exhibiting the genre’s rich history.

The majority of visitors come to attend the year-round presentations by regional, foreign, and local performers which makes this one of the best things to do in Stony Brook NY.

10. Stony Brook Grist Mill

The Stony Brook Grain Mill sticks out as the sole instance of its sort among the numerous historical structures in the region.

It is just across from Avalon Wildlife Reserve, and the mill that is connected to the home is powered by freshwater from Mill Pond.

As a result, it has earned a spot on the National Register of Historical Sites and is also one of the best things to do in Stony Brook NY.

11. Charles B. Wang Center

Another impressive building at Stony Brook University seems to be the 120,000-square-foot Charles B. Wang Building.

It features a tower-like construction that is immediately recognized even from a distance and is next to the Staller Institute for Art.

It’s a terrific place to go to discover real Asian cultures directly.

12. Long Island Sound

You might be attracted to swim in the glistening sea right directly in front of you whenever you explore the beachfront in Stony Brook.

Fortunately, the area has a large number of local companies that offer excursions.

Long Island Sound is considered friendlier than the Atlantic given that it is shielded from strong currents and hurricanes.

 Long Island Sound

13. Sunken Meadow State Park

Just 24 mins outside Stony Brook is indeed the vast Sunken Meadow Park Located, one of Long Island’s best things to do in Stony Brook NY.

This facility, which fronts Long Island Sound, spans over 1,200 acres of diverse habitats along rivers, woodlands, and coastlines.

A sizable portion of it has been transformed into a contemporary recreation center, complete with play areas, athletic fields, and horse racing and bike trails.

Sunken Meadow State Park

14. Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

A children’s entertainment complex called the exciting Urban Air Jumping and Theme Park is situated in Lake Grove.

It’s close to Stony Brook’s boundaries, thus it takes less than five mins to drive there.

The property makes for the ideal setting for family time and bonding because of all of its amenities.

The trampolines that take up the majority of the floor area are the major draws.

Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

15. Harmony Vineyards

Because it is so close to the Avalon Wildlife Reserve, Harmony Vineyards are frequently mistakenly thought to be in Stony Brook even though it is actually in St. James.

Fortunately, it’s only a short distance away from the reserve, so stop by after your nature tour!

Harmony Vineyards


Visitors can see a different side of Stony Brook, which has historical landmarks and scenic areas that are very different from the busy town to the south.

It is also a center for the arts, offering amazing performances in theatres, galleries, as well as jazz museums.

Include the locations on this listing in your agenda if you wish to visit all the well-known locales in this area.

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What season is ideal for visiting Stony Brook, New York?

If you want to explore Stony Brook while it’s the greatest, the warmest months are July, Aug, and subsequently June.

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