Best Places To Visit In Satara

Places To Visit In Satara

Ajinkyatara Fort, Kaas highland, Pratapgarh Fort, Shivsagar Lake, Thoseghar Falls, Lingamala Falls, Natraj Mandir, Mayani volary, Koynanagar Dam, Kaas Lake, and lots of a lot of.

Hunting out some Best Places To Visit In Satara? Inevitably, we’ve got some exotic locations to stock up your heart. Satara could be a destination crammed with nature’s true magic, a serene spot that may cause you to fall soft on with.

Wrapped up with hearty and funky places just as the invigorating Thoseghar waterfalls, Shivsagar lakes that fully offer peace of mind, Kaas highland, which is incredibly well-known for flora & fauna blossoms, and numerous heart-warming scenarios full of the ambiance with recent air.

Soulfully blessed by Mother Nature’s bit, Satara holidaymaker places are encircled by seven attractive hills. The history and tradition could be a part of this district’s beauty.

The complete region is fogbound by numerous fashionable and picturesque locations like Pratapgarh Fort, Ajinkyatara Fort, and loads of monuments, that remind the United States of America of our nice kings and queens. therefore escape the fundamental vacation spots and head to the present quarter!

Here is the list of the best Places To Visit In Satara:

Kaas highland

Kaas highland, popularly pronounced as Kaas Pathar, could be a deep fiery volcanic cerise soil placed in Satara. Kaas highland is close to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar; one of the highest Places To Visit In Satara.

It comes below the Sahyadri Subregions. If you’re a nature lover, then Kaas highland is some things that you just should not miss. The highland comes alive to its original type and shines beautifully throughout the late monsoons. The monsoon season from August to October is the best time to go, and a range of gorgeous flowers comes alive, at the side of the blossoms of flora and fauna within the region. This is also from Beautiful Places To Visit In Satara.

  • Location: Satara, geographic region.
  • Timings: nine AM to six PM
  • Entry fee: Bureau of Intelligence and Research fifty per person.

Thoseghar Falls

If you’re searching for some water fun in Satara, Thoseghar waterfalls are what you ought to ne’er lose here. Being the foremost fashionable body of water, it’s one of the best falls in Bharat, and additionally the foremost visited fall in a geographic region.

Thosegarh falls in Monsoon season is the most serene and calm location to relax. These waterfalls are all encircled by verdure, which passes a nice and recent air throughout the spot.

Thoseghar Falls
  • Location: Thoseghar, Satara, geographic region.
  • Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entry fee: Bureau of Intelligence and Research ten

Places To Visit In Satara Is Shivsagar Lake

Shivsagar Lake, being one of the foremost lovely regions within the Satara district offers a peaceful and calm spot to pay a complete day. you’ll even opt for these lakesides as your one-day picnic spot. Cool water here is kind of clean and recent.

If you’re keen on water sports, then Shivsagar Lake has boat rides for you. Also, make sure that you’re selecting speed water travel because it feels fully completely different as if you’re getting into another world. recent verdure, quiet ambiance, and the associated and passionate cool breeze are what impress the tourists here.

Shivsagar Lake
  • Location: close to Bamnoli, Satara.
  • Timings: All day
  • Entry fee: None.

Lingamala Falls

Lingamala is another breathless body of water located within the Mahabaleshwar region of the geographic region state. it’s the foremost amazing fall that you just must not ever miss visiting. The falls are located simply behind Lingamala forest house.

If you’re searching for a serene and relaxed place for final peace of mind, then Lingamala falls is the associated awe-inspiring choice for you. From the brow of Lingamala falls, you’ll additionally fancy Dhobi Falls at the side of Chinaman falls.

Lingamala Falls
  • Location: Mahabaleshwar, geographic region
  • Timings: 8 AM to4.30 PM
  • Entry fee: Bureau of Intelligence and Research fifteen per person.

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Natraj Mandir

Lord Natraj, popularly proverbial for embodying Lord Shiva, is understood for his Hindu deity Tandava art of Dance within Hindu Mythology. The Natraj Temple is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva for his Tandava Performance as Lord Natarajar.

It is one of the foremost visited places within the town of Satara. it’s situated across NH44 which ultimately connects Solapur to Satara. The Temple is pretty much like the Chidambaram temple in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.

Natraj Mandir
  • Location: Hindu deity Devanagari script, Uttam Chidambaram, Satara District, geographic region.
  • Timings: All day
  • Entry fee: None

Ajinkyatara Fort

Quite wide pronounced because the fort of Satara, Ajinkyatara fort is visible from any corner of Satara town. Ajinkya fort is the fourth common capital of the geographic region that has frequent guests and tourists also, that is one amongst the hills from the seven hills within the region.

This explicit fort is the tallest one, being the peak of three,300 feet within the Bamnoli region of town that was then utilized by the dynasties to stay a watch on their enemies. Ajinkyatara fort is kind far-famed for trekking, hiking, and different courageous activities, even among the locals. many kings and dynasties have won Ajinkyatara and dominated it for several years and decades.

  • Location: Satara town, geographic region.
  • Timings: five AM to nine PM
  • Entry fee: None

Mayani Bird Sanctuary

If you’re in Satara for a few journeys, then Mayani edifice is the right choice wherever you need to step in. it’s one of the popular Satara holidaymaker places that you just must not ever miss. Mayani sanctuary has completely different species and sorts of birds.

This sanctuary could be an excellent getaway for bird enthusiasts around the world. Mayani edifice was designed throughout British times once they dominated our country. This explicit sanctuary has quite four hundred varied styles of birds and species from varied cities and countries. This sanctuary is the Best Places To Visit In Satara.

  • Location: SH76, Satara, Kankatre, geographic region.
  • Timings: 7 AM to 9 PM
  • Entry fee: government agency fifteen Per person.


At least a 3-road trip to Satara would be sufficient to design a complete schedule that incorporates touring, exercises, shopping, and a lot of rest. Furthermore, contingent upon the sort of excursion or spot you need to incorporate into this frowning, the days can surpass five or more. In this, you can likewise incorporate a visit to Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, or another close by slope station. Given In the article are all the Best Places To Visit In Satara.

FAQs Related Places To Visit In Satara

Is Satara worth a visit?

As one of Maharashtra’s most visited traveler objections, Satara is known for its verifiable importance and overflow of antiquated posts, sanctuaries, and exhibition halls. The locale was Chhatrapati Shivaji’s great homestead and the Pandavas’ resting place during their exile.

What is the well-known Satara?

Places To Visit In Satara

Ajinkyatara Post, Kaas Level, Pratapgarh Stronghold, Shivsagar Lake, Thoseghar Falls, Lingamala Falls, Natraj Mandir, Mayani Bird Safe-haven, Koynanagar Dam, Hunting out a few most ideal getaway spots in Satara? We have a few colorful areas to top off your heart.

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