Places To Visit in Manali (Adventurous Activities)

Places To Visit in Manali

Himachal Pradesh sits in the lap of the Himalayas and boasts of natural beauty which can be well discovered at places like Shimla, Dharmashala, Kasauli, etc. But, the popular destination of all places on your Manali day trip shall be Manali where you can indulge in a range of adventurous activities.

At Manali, you get a chance to spend hours in the lap of nature as you enjoy rafting at rivers like Beas and go on trekking around the Solang Valley. If you get spare time at hand, head your way further up to Dalhousie and Kasol to make your Himachal trip much more amazing.

Located at the northern end of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the spectacular town of Manali offering breathtaking views is a sight to behold. Its snowcapped mountains, lush green forests of oak, deodar and pine are an unavoidable attraction.

On a Manali Trip visitors can engage in several activities such as hill trekking, camping and rafting at Beas or Parvati rivers. The newly opened Atal Tunnel allows visitors to travel to Sissu within a few hours, making it more accessible. Over the last few years, this city has transformed into a popular place loved by all sorts of people.

Adventurous Activities to be enjoyed at Manali Trip-

Manali River Rafting

Wouldn’t it be fun to begin your Manali Trip with a swift water ride at the fast currents of rivers Beas or Paravati? The river courses are ideal for experts as well as beginners in the sport. Rafting starts from a district called Pirdi and flows through many other districts.

You are advised not to do anything without proper guidance and listen to the instructors. Many service providers offer this sport and provide enough security materials and enjoying it can cost you around INR 500 to INR 2000.

Skiing Manali

Manali is known for its excellent skiing courses that attract enthusiasts from all over the country. If you are an adventure lover, the slopes of Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass are the perfect places to indulge in the activity. You must carry medicines for cold and flu and have a pair of good footwear. This sport can cost you around INR 300 onwards.

Camping in Manali

In the valley of Beas and surrounded by high mountains, you have a great opportunity to dive deeper in peace and enjoy the various types of camps the site offers. From trekking to night camps, Manali gives its visitors a chance to explore nature in its true sense. Although there are some instructions which you will have to follow to ensure your own safety, they will not create a hindrance in your adventure. These camps can cost differently for different locations.


At 2050 metres above sea level is the playground of paragliding. The picture-perfect valley and the ideal wind conditions make Manali a known destination among international as well as domestic tourists. A medium flight lasts for around fifteen minutes whereas a long flight lasts between forty minutes to one hour.

You are accompanied by a pilot who navigates and helps you land safely, however, you can also opt for a solo flight only if you have a paragliding license. There are some warnings which you have to follow, like people with heart or lung ailments should avoid this sport. This sport can cost you around INR 1000 to INR 4000, depending upon the location.

Places to Visit in Manali 2023

Now you will know the Places to Visit in Manali and where you can go for a walk

Old Manali

Located 6589 feet above sea level and 3 km uphill from Manali, one can find this beautiful town seated in the mountains with a vast coverage of apple orchards. This cleaner and less crowded destination, as compared to New Manali, is a must-visit if you want to spend your time in peace. The famous Hidimba temple is also a popular destination in this place.

Solang Valley

You mustn’t forget to add this beautiful valley to the itinerary of your Manali Trip. A favourite destination for adventure enthusiasts, this place offers sports ranging from parachuting to paragliding for all. In winter, it gets covered in snow and is followed by skiing.

Jogini Waterfall

It is located 3 km away from the town and sits at a fabulous height of 160 feet. What makes this a popular destination is the 2 km long trek it offers from Vashisht temple through pine trees and orchards.

Sethan Valley

Take a short bike tour to the quaint Buddhist valley, located approximately 12 km away from Manali which oversees the Dhauladhar range. The valley is a great place to enjoy skiing and snowboarding during winter. You can also stay and even sleep in the igloos built here or go stargazing at night to witness the clear and soothing skies of this place.

Rohtang Pass

Situated at a distance of 51 km from Manali, this pass can be reached only by road. It sits at a height of 3978 metres on the Manali-Keylong road and is a major attraction in the itinerary. Owing to its natural and scenic beauty, this place is also famous among movie directors. You can enjoy a sledge ride here on a wooden toboggan or ride your own mountain bike.

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