Things to Do in Bangkok in 2023

Things To Do in Bangkok

Hello friends, my name is Lillian E Pohlman, let me tell you that I recently went to Bangkok, so I am going to share the whole experience with you, what can be the things to do in Bangkok.

With a clear aim organize your trip to Bangkok with you apple of your eye and loved ones. Bangkok is an ideal haven with loads of fun-filled activities that anybody would love to be part of. The activities range from going to theme parks, aquariums to interactive art galleries and enthralling live shows. Fill in the blanks of the whole vacation without leaving anybody ever getting bored.

Dream World is a theme park where a child’s fantasies become reality. They can sleigh or make snow angels in Snow Land. With Bangkok’s tropical climate, the best way to spend time is at a waterpark as Siam Amazing Park comes to your rescue.

The young can find their vocational calling answered at Kidzania-where they can role play any profession they want from being a doctor to pilot or even a journalist. Art in Paradise is an interactive 3D Museum located in the Esplanade Shopping Mall and covers two floors with paintings like a stairway to hell and a ride of a flying carpet.

Take a trip to the SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World with the main objective to provide both education and entertainment to the visitors. Safari World Bangkok is an amazing zoo with marine attractions, safari rides, and stunt shows.

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Safari World

Kickstart your vacation as you visit the Safari World Bangkok. This tourist attraction came into being in 1988 and is sprawled across an area of 480 acres with an open zoo and 180 acres of the area, especially for its bird park. Safari World comprises two parks namely Marine Park and Safari Park which are run smoothly by the Safari World Public Limited.

Safari Park happens to be the largest section of the park with a fifty-minute drive-thru imitating the Savannah habitat. The drive-thru is approximately eight kilometers as it houses large Asian and African solid-hoofed animals and is also a sanctuary for free-flying waterbirds. Also, you can spot a herd of Masai giraffes and herbivores like zebras, gazelles, and camels.

The second part of Safari World Bangkok is quite unnerving as the vehicle enters the den of carnivores and predators. The visitors are left flabbergasted to find huge animals like lions, tigers, and bears taking a nap or playing with each other. An important tip to keep in mind is to watch the lions during the morning hours and watch them devouring their meals during the feeding session. The king of pride is a little lazy to come out for an afternoon stroll.

Marine Park

The Marine Park at the Safari World Bangkok is known for showcasing performances by animals along with their trainers. Give a little nudge to your IQ Level as you visit Egg Island. The island takes care of several bird eggs of different species. Nearly seven Shows in Safari World are performed regularly..

They are full of entertainment for both kids and adults alike. Each show stands out from others such as the dolphin show and the sea lion show. Dolphin Show was huge and playful dolphins adapt to playing with balls and even put up a circus performance.

Jungle Cruise offers a water ride through the thick, tropical forest which is recreated at the park. The visitors feel the thrill as they encounter wild animals enough to give a pump to adrenaline.

Orangutan Boxing leaves the little ones in splits of laughter as the orangutans try their best to win the boxing title. The animals though lose their focus often and start to play on their own. Bird Show is a delight as they often perch on the shoulders of the visitors and eat food from them.

One of the most popular Shows in Safari World is the Sea Lion Show. The naughty little creatures perform antics and tricks as they are seen balancing a huge ball on their tiny little noses. They also perform other acts to draw attention from the audience.

SEA LIFE Ocean World

Besides visiting the Safari World Bangkok make sure you visit the SEA LIFE Ocean World. It is the largest aquarium in South East Asia and covers an area of ten thousand square meters and displays hundreds of different species.

The exhibits are divided into seven different zones where you can get up close and personal with rare and bizarre-looking marine life from blind cavefish to striped frogfish. The visitors can feel the skin of friendly starfish and walk among the most ferocious predators like sting rays, black-tipped sharks, and jagged-tooth sharks.

There is a 270-degree underwater tunnel. The best way to enjoy your experience is you take a dive into the deep depth of the Öpen Ocean and play with sharks and colorful marine creatures. The visitors can hop on a glass bottom boat and simply watch the marine creatures moving smoothly in the water.


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