5 Places To Visit In Sokcho 2023

Places To Visit In Sokcho

Sokcho, situated by the east shore of South Korea here are many best places to visit in Sokcho, is one of the delegate port urban communities and a rising traveler objective for both neighborhood Koreans and outsiders.

Get the lovely dawn at Dongmyeong Port, fill your eager belly at Sokcho Jungang Market, and respect the stunning perspective from Ulsanbawi Rock. Sokcho has everything. So below are some best Places To Visit In Sokcho.


This lake is focused in Sokcho, associating it with the East Ocean. There isn’t a lot to do other than stroll around the way and partake in the view.

Around the lake, you will see the structures and pinnacle from the 1999 Gangwon The travel industry Exhibition.

We came around dusk with some espresso. This truly is the best chance to partake in the perspective of the lake and the little city.

We likewise were sufficiently fortunate to get a free demonstration of fish hopping around the lake.

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Tourism in Sokcho

Sokcho draws in various public and global voyagers and there are several sea shores in Sokcho, which has a decent status and draw in travelers.

Vacationers can enjoy normal natural aquifers in Sokcho and there is a fairway in the city which is respected in light of the regular climate.

Sokcho is home to several very moderated Buddhist sanctums in the city and there are not many lakes normally shaped by the ocean Seorak Social Celebration is coordinated during the long periods of October and a great many guests assemble during this celebration.


The name truly says everything and truly we were unable to not go. This spot seems as though it is run out of somebody’s home and they had a couple of additional items to the house to have the teddy bears. It’s effectively perhaps the most irregular thing to do in Sokcho!

There are three exhibitions incorporating an outside garden with bunny sculptures and a live hare pen. You can walk around the inside with goliath teddy bears or essentially view every one of the locations of the Korean way of life depicted by teddy bears.

This is extremely shoddy, kitschy but that ought not to be on your rundown of activities.

We possibly suggest visiting on the off chance that you have some additional time in Sokcho and have either an excellent of humor or affection for teddy bears.


This is the primary fish market in Sokcho and feels essentially like an outside aquarium. You can choose the live fish you need to eat from one of the numerous merchants and they will plan directly before you for the freshest fish.


Sokcho is just arranged a couple of miles from the fundamental access to Seoraksan Public Park, quite possibly Korea’s most well-known mountain. Go climbing, have lunch, or potentially ride the trolley to the pinnacle. It’s perhaps of the most lovely public park in Korea, particularly throughout the fall.

You can see our full manual for Seoraksan here or book tickets for a visit to the recreation area from Seoul here.

More Places to Visit in Sokcho:

  • Yeongnangho Lake
  • Sea of Japan
  • Yeongrangho Lake
  • Sinheungsa Temple
  • Hyangseongsa temple
  • Yeonggeumjeong
  • Seorak Cultural Festival


For more fun, you need to know the best Places To Visit In Sokcho, The least demanding method for getting to Sokcho from Seoul is by transport. Go to Seoul Express Transport Terminal and get transport from that point.


In general, Sokcho is a pleasant end-of-the-week escape from city life. We like the way that it is by the ocean and Seorak Mountain is not too far off. We lived it up and anticipate returning to check whether we can find dinosaurs on Dinosaur Ridge. So enjoy the above best Places To Visit In Sokcho.

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