10 Places To Visit In Naivasha

Places To Visit In Naivasha

Places to visit in Naivasha Lake Naivasha is an hour and a half drive out of Nairobi, however, the speedy excursion transports you from the coarse city to quiet lakeside heaven.

Lake Naivasha has taken off fever trees, a serene lake, hippos grunting in the shallows, the call of the fish falcon, and a glass-like quality to the air.

Somebody once let me know that Lake Naivasha sits in its microclimate and it feels unique about different spots in Kenya. Peruse on for the most ideal getaway spots in Lake Naivasha.

Places To Visit In Naivasha is Lake Naivasha

Embraced by lush banks and shingled with desert plants and sand olive trees, the Crack Valley’s most elevated lake (at 1884m above ocean level) expands like a huge, sunlit ocean.

Elevation2,086 m
Weather13 °C, Wind NE at 5 km/h, 78% Humidity
Population1.98 lakhs (2019)

Be that as it may, there’s something else to this spot beside the exquisite blue lake.

You can ride among giraffes and zebras, taste a glass of Crack Valley red, search for hippos on the lake and loosen up in the nursery at Elsamere, the previous home of late Conceived Free character Happiness Adamson.

Even though it’s simply a short drive from Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is a world away from the capital’s gagged veins, even though it can get overwhelmed with guests from the capital at end of the week.

Naivasha Location Map

HELLS GATE NATIONAL PARK is the Best Places To Visit In Naivasha

AddressHells gate National Park, Kenya
Hours6 am–6 pm
Phone+254 770 070405
Area68.25 km²

Named for the serious geothermal movement inside its limits, the Damnation’s Door Public Park is a wonderful quarter of the Incomparable Fracture Valley.

Awesome views including the transcending precipices, water-gouged gorges, unmistakable stone pinnacles, scour-clad volcanoes, and burping tufts of geothermal steam make it perhaps of the most climatic parks in Africa.

Damnation’s Entryway is an ideal scene for a road trip from Nairobi where, notwithstanding the bio-variety that incorporates raptors, guests can appreciate mountain trekking, rock getting over, and a characteristic spa.


Camp Carnellys is a Wonderful Places To Visit In Naivasha

AddressMoi S lake rd, Sulmac Village, Kenya
Phone Number+254502030088

Camp Carnellys is my number one spot to visit in Naivasha. At the point when life gets excessive, I drive down here for the afternoon, drink rosemary and raspberry-mixed gin and tonics, and everything is great with the world once more.


Carney’s has the superb Lazybones bistro/café along the shores of the lake, with bands and a campground. We have set up camp here ordinarily.

It’s most likely the best setting up camp in Kenya for tenderfoots as there is an electrified barrier getting hippos far from the tent, hot showers, great latrines, and, obviously, the magnificent café on location.

The whole property sits under the shade of fever trees, where colobus monkeys and woodpeckers dance through the trees, giraffes saunter past and hippos laze in the shallows.

It is most likely the best spot in Naivasha for a boat visit. Visiting the lake in a mechanized kayak and watching hippo families and fantastic bird life is an all-out must-do if you haven’t been to Naivasha previously.

Camp Carnelley’s Location

Crescent Island is the Best Places To Visit In Naivasha

AddressMoi South Lake Road, Naivasha, Kenya
Hours9 am–5 pm
Phone+254 759 636468

A moon-molded bend shaped from the edge of an indented fountain of liquid magma. Bow Island is a little cut-off land that ascents to a pinnacle that has 360-degree all-encompassing perspectives over the lake and towards Mount Longonot.

Pressed loaded with creatures, this is a great spot to put in a couple of hours in Naivasha. There are no hunters on the island, so it’s protected to stroll around (be aware of bison and hippo).

Bow Island represents the harmony and serenity of Naivasha. It legends the excellence of the biological system and permits you to invest energy with the untamed life right at home.

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Crescent Island Game Sanctuary Location

Sanctuary Farm (Places To Visit In Naivasha)

Sanctuary Farm is currently fairly more modest than it used to be thanks to the rising lake, however, it orders north of 400 sections of land of natural life conservancy. Safe-haven Homestead is a superb spot to ride ponies in Naivasha.

AddressNaivasha, Kenya
HoursOpen 24 hours
Phone+254 722 761940

Horse riding at Safe-haven Ranch permits you to ride close by zebra, giraffe, impala, gazelle, waterbuck, and different animals. The natural life is less terrified of the ponies, so you can draw near to them without frightening them away.

On the off chance that you’re not enthusiastic about riding, then, at that point, you can recruit bicycles, go on a directed walk, or even take an evening time game drive in one of the open-top safari vehicles.

Sanctuary Farm Main Gate Location

Places To Visit In Naivasha is The Ranch House Bistro

The Farm House Bistro sits toward the west of Lake Naivasha on the banks of Lake Oloiden, a little lake bordering the Naivasha water. The store eatery serves food from its nursery on pea-green grass ignoring the water.

Service Options:Dine-in · Takeaway
Address:Own Building La Pieve ltd Naivasha Kongoni, Kenya
Hours:9:00 am – 10:00 pm

The help can be somewhat sometimes all good, sometimes not so good, however, the area can’t be bested. As a feature of the Oserengoni Natural life Safe-haven, you have the potential chance to partake in a two-hour game drive during your visit.

Ranch House Bistro Location

Olkaria Geothermal Spa is the Best Places To Visit In Naivasha

Address47QW+5G7, Olkaria Route, Kenya
Hours8 am–5:45 pm

Olkaria Geothermal Spa sounds stylish, yet it’s simply a hot pool with water warmed by the well of lava.

I add it to the rundown as it’s a fascinating choice for a stormy or cold day in Naivasha and if you have children, they will cherish it. It’s not modest, USD 30 for outsiders – very expensive for a dip.

KenGen Geothermal Spa Location

Places To Visit In Naivasha is Crater Lake

AddressLake Naivasha National Park, Kenya
Phone+254 722 203804

Cavity Lake is an emerald-green lake clustered in the pit of a wiped-out fountain of liquid magma. There is a risen camp and café at the lake where you can eat and a cold pool where you can swim, however, guests come to the lake to climb to the highest point of the edge and wonder about the perspectives.

The lake is in an untamed life safe-haven noted for having an enormous populace of colobus monkeys. Do take note that it’s a lofty stroll from the camp at the top to the lake and the pool at the base.

Crater Lake Tented Camp And Game Sanctuary Location

Fired Earth Pottery – Victoria’s Farm Shop (Places To Visit In Naivasha)

An ideal stop for each guest to Naivasha. The Homestead Shop is supplied with nearby, natural food; jams, pates, wine, meat, bread, and heated merchandise. Nearby Elementaita Weaver’s produce mats, pads, and placemats in rainbow tones woven manually.

AddressNaivasha, Kenya
HoursOpen 24 hours
Phone+254 722 761940

Terminated Earth Ceramics sells hand-tailored things painted with creatures, bugs, and nearby examples shaped into plates, bowls, containers, and so forth. Incomprehensible not to carry something home with you.

Sanctuary Farm Main Gate Location Map

Longonot National Park 

Mount Longonot is a lethargic fountain of liquid magma found 20 minutes southeast of the lake. It is just resting, having last ejected a long time back.

You can climb to the edge of the spring of gushing lava and stroll around the pit edge. A 13 km climb that requires something like 5 hours. The way is populated with creatures and the perspectives across the break and Lake Naivasha are enormously fulfilling.


Heading to Lake Naivasha is as straightforward as zooming down the A104 street from Nairobi to Naivasha. Inquire or two as the streets are continually being improved and there are a couple of little easy routes relying upon where you come from and the best Places To Visit In Naivasha.

On the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle, then many means of transport and visits will bring you down to Naivasha.

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