5 Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica

Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica

Puerto Limón, Costa Rica is quite possibly the biggest city in Costa Rica and certainly worth your opportunity to investigate! It’s a lovely port city, otherwise called Port Limon, situated on the eastern shore of the country. Limon is likewise an objective area for the majority of voyage ships, so there are generally Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica occurring at Port Limon.

As the capital of Limón Territory, Puerto Limón is the center of the action and has a decent blend of the travel industry and culture.

All over the Limón Territory, you will find everything Costa Rica brings to the table from ziplining to stream travels, extraordinary food to astounding sea shores, and in the middle between. There are countless activities both socially and casually in Puerto Limón that you won’t have any desire to miss this astonishing Caribbean city!

In this blog, we have gotten together the main 5 activities in Puerto Limón that will provide you with the very most amazing aspects of Costa Rica in one concentrated area!So start from here Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica.

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Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica Explore Cahuita National Park

When traveling Costa Rica, spending time in nature is a must! A hike in Cahuita National Park will display you a number of the high-quality flora and fauna that Costa Rica has to offer. Spot monkeys withinside the trees, snakes, and plenty of uncommon birds of Costa Rica

Cahuita National Park is positioned simply south of Cahuita city around forty-five mins south of Puerto Limón. The park is open each day from eight am to four and the park asks for a $five front donation (coins only) in step with character to maintain the park stunning and preserved.

If you’ve got your very own transportation and may meet the manual at the front, this excursion is tremendous on foot excursion of the park.

Cahuita National Park

Explore Veragua Rainforest Are Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica

Veragua Rainforest is placed approximately an hour west of Limón and is one of the quality locations to look at a sloth and different natural world close to Limón. Along the trekking trails thru the park, you could see exquisite biodiversity which includes frogs, butterflies, monkeys, and of course, sloths.

This guided excursion costs USD 153 and could offer transportation from Puerto Limón, your front price tag to the park, and a trip at the aerial tram. You’ll additionally get to discover the beautiful trails that wind their manner across the wooded area and go to a waterfall. The quality component is, with a manual you’ll see the loads greater natural world!

Explore Veragua Rainforest

Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica Cruise the Tortuguero Canal

Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica Is The Tortuguero Canals are referred to as Costa Rica’s Amazon. An a part of Tortuguero National Park, those canals are a real maze of waterways that run down the coast of Costa Rica. They are wealthy with flora and fauna and the perspectives are spectacular.

This excursion will offer transportation each method to and from Port Limón. It additionally consists of a manual with the purpose to be capable of factoring out the brilliant animals that stay alongside the riverfront. Tours begin at only $ seventy-five USD and begin walking early withinside the morning till late.

Tortuguero Canal

Relax at Playa Bonita

In the same list f Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica .The call itself, Playa Bonita or Beautiful Beach, needs to persuade you to go to this brilliant seashore. It is positioned at the north facet of the Limón location in a bit inlet that lets in for splendid surfing, enjenjoyment the seashore, or gambling withinside the sand.

This seashore may be reached with the aid of using a taxi in case you plan to go on your very own and spend as tons time as you will like. If you’re searching for a brief go-to to the seashore but nevertheless have the ability to stroll the sand, you could take a mixture excursion with the purpose to provide you with the satisfaction of the seashores in addition to the complete Puerto Limón.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting down the Pacuare River is a must-do for journey seekers. This river is positioned approximately 60 mins north of Limón and is out there with the aid of using the taxi or thru a guided excursion.

The Pacuare River is taken into consideration as one of the maximum scenic and exquisite rivers in all of Costa Rica and gives quite a number of rapids multi-functional experiences. You get to look at plenty of flora and fauna and brilliant flowers at the same time as in your experience down the river, in addition, to paddling over stage III-IV rapids.

It needs to come as no marvel that is one of the satisfactory locations to move whitewater rafting in all of Costa Rica!

Check out this excursion for an all-day whitewater rafting journey. You will journey over 18 miles of river, and transportation from Limón is protected withinside the package.


The metropolis of Limon is the factor of arrival for visitors. It is a port, that is vital in Costa Rica’s financial existence and the finest dwelling instance of the multicultural assembly skilled on this place at some point of history. Traveling south, at an hour’s distance, we discover Cahuita, an average caribbean villa.

FAQs For Places To Visit In Limon Costa Rica

What are three matters Puerto Rico is understood for?

Puerto Rico is the world’s main rum producer; 80% of the rum ate up withinside the United States hails from the island. There is a counted quantity bioluminescent bays withinside the whole world. Puerto Rico is domestic 3 bioluminescent bays.

Where is the bluest water in Costa Rica?

The Celestial River is positioned in Tenorio Volcano National Park, simply south of the Costa Rican border with Nicaragua. The river is coloured celestial blue, a phenomenon as a result of a mineral combination of sulfur and calcium carbonate.

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