10 Places To Visit In Kokan

Places to visit in Kokan

Best Places to visit in Kokan In the state of Goa and Maharashtra, various indeed locations go in which you’ll take in the verdant beauty of its coastline and learn about the lives of fishermen.

Even if you’ve long begun to pursue a collection of Castles or spend a vacation on one of Today’s steamy shores, Konkan is without thinking a  perfect location. The Konkan has a tropical lot provided with its gushing rivers, pristine terrain, & mouthwatering selfishness. 

Although seem best sights in Konkan, so here are the best 10 places in Kokan that visitors see first. At Goa and Maharashtra state, these are attractions in each style or tourist, through coastlines and monuments.

All Popular Places to visit in Kokan are seen below

  • Alibag Beach   
  • Tarkarli SeaShore
  • Famous City Ratnagiri
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Mahad Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Dapoli Beach

The best Places To Visit In Kokan is Aligbag

This stunning Alibag coastline is quite well by visitors. This is one of the best Places To Visit In Kokan. There are a few more beaches in Alibaug, the most popular among which are Varsoli and Nagaon Beach.  All through the British rule in India, the city was viewed as a vital military city due to its best location by the coast. The old Castle remains & antiquated buildings which are frequently strewn throughout the area frequently serve to enhance the beauty of such seashore.

A popular place to visit is Tarkarli Beach

This community is well-known for its immaculately pure seawater and the fine white sand that defines the beach.

Tarkarli Beach

This location offers a variety of thrilling water sports and is a recent weekend retreat from Mumbai and Goa. Tarkarli Beach, which is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, is situated where the River Karli meets the Arabian Sea. So this is also the best Places To Visit In Kokan.

The Kolaba/Aligarh Castle is another tourist spot. More like, known for the Thiba Castle & Ratnadurg Palace, is also a must-see location along the Konkan Tropical. Tarkarli Beach is one of the best Places To Visit In Kokan.

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The best place to visit the Kokan Region is Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri City, known as the coast of Maharashtra and Goa, is situated here on the Arabian Sea coast. This location, a significant (Alphonso- mango)  fruit supplier, historically served as a major commercial hub for Mumbai.

That city continues to be abundant inside the greatest of humanity’s greatest bounty due to the Aravali Range being located at the opposite shore.


Due to its shoreline position, the resort is made even more beautiful by the seashores, & Castle. Many such beautiful settings are being found all across Ratnagiri, and they should constitute the ideal places where visitors may enjoy this same greatest environment.

Jaigarh Fort: Here on the western side of Jaigarh Fort, there is a structure known as the Jaigad fort that is renowned because of its extraordinary architecture.

This site allows you to take in the scenery of the region due to its elevated placement Here, one may enjoy little fun without their significant other while taking in the panoramic ocean of the moonlight.

A historical Place to visit is Sindhudurg Castle

Ancient Castles and fascinating coastlines may be found in Sindhudurg. Again from Sindhudurg Castle to the Vijaydurg Castle, Sindhudurg’s prominence was greatly attributed to the various coastal forts and soaring structures.

Additionally, the breathtaking  Shivapur and other streams are indeed a perfect example of the wildlife reserve’s splendor.

Sindhudurg offers an enormous selection of sites to visit whenever it came to tourist sites in Maharashtra.

Maratha Shivaji, a Great Fighter, built Sindhudurg Castle on a mountainous beach in the 1700s. The Hills or the Arabian Sea respectively flank its outpost on its 2 sections. Additionally, India’s oldest Sai temples and the Navadurga monastery adorn Sindhudurg’s ancient and genuine character.

The best place to visit is Mahad Temple

The Konkan area of Maharashtra and Goa includes Mahad as one of its attractive tourist destinations. Formerly the seat of Shri Shivaji Maharaj, this city today has Maratha forts and Buddhist gompas.

This area now looks like a triangular point as a result of the frequent flooding that has occurred in latest days. The Raigad, Pratapgad, Birwadi, Warandha Forts, and other touristic may be found here, along with the Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves.

The best place to visit is Murud Beach also Fort

Near Alibaug, Murud is renowned for its stunning seashores & Fort known as Janjira. You have to see Murud Janjira Fort as part of your trip to Murud.

On a small islet nearby the city, this Castle is situated. The Nawab’s Palace, the ancient graves of Khokri Gumbaj, and Dutta Mandir are further sights. Various more adventurous games are also provided too.

The best place to visit is Kelshi

Kelshi is a well-kept secret that has not yet been altered through tourism. Therefore, one must head to Kelshi to experience both loveliness and tranquillity.

This is a tiny community well-known for its beachfront. In addition, Kelshi is home to a plethora of vegetation & wildlife. You absolutely should go while on vacation because it is among the best spots to explore in Konkan.

The best place to visit is Roha

An increasingly major tourist location is Roha. The little town, which is known for being inhabited, is situated among the Kundalika Stream and the Kalasgiri Mountain. Rivers boating is just one of the sports the area is renowned for providing. Put well on my highest Konkan destinations to visit.

Great city to visit Dombivli

A charming city called Dombivli may be found 40 kilometers away from Mumbai. Dombivli, a well-known city and one of the most stunning locations in the Konkan region, is easily accessible from Thane and Mumbai.


Reti Bandar, which is also situated mostly on branches within the calm Ulhas Stream, seems to be the finest place to explore in Dombivli if you want to see gorgeous vistas. Shopaholics love Dombivli’s Kelkar Street, so one should visit it and indulge slightly.

Best place to visit in Dapoli

Dapoli is a veritable gold mine of attractions with enough to satisfy every kind of traveler. This place is full of discovery, including stunning beaches, heritage landmarks, fascinating tunnels, & ancient Castles.

The Harnai Sea  Port, one of the famous places in Dapoli that offers a look further into the area’s rich history and culture, is only one of the world’s finest features.


The Suvarnadurg, otherwise called the Ocean Fort, as well as the Kanaka Durga Fort, commonly called the Hill Castle, are two other well-known Dapoli sites.

The next train to Dapoli is in Specializing in specific, which is about 40 km outside Panchmarhi, a town close to Dapoli.


Konkan is famous for its coastline, abundant vegetation, & significant Castles. One can stop at locations like Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, Harnai, Mahad, and others while you’re in the Konkan region. All these are the Best Places To Visit In Kokan.

Which part of Konkan is best?

The lovely Alibag ocean side is famous among travelers. Alibaug additionally has not had many different sea shores out of which Varsoli and Nagaon Ocean sides are notable. The Kolaba/Aligarh Stronghold additionally draws in travelers. Another should-visit place on the Konkan Coast is Ratnagiri, well known for the Thiba Castle and Ratnadurg Post.

What is the famous in Konkan?

Konkan is known for being home to tropical sea shores, lavish vegetation, and noticeable strongholds. During your excursion to Konkan, you ought to visit places like Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, Harnai, Mahad, etc.

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