10 Places to Visit in Gwadar

Places to Visit in Gwadar

Places to Visit in Gwadar -Gwadar is a district and port city in Balochistan province on the Arabian Sea. The name Gwadar comes from the two words “great”; and “dar”, meaning “airport”. Gwadar District is further divided into four tehsils: Jiwani, Gwadar, Ormara, and Pasni. All these tehsils are very famous among tourists in Balochistan and around the world.

Gwadar is home to many important tourist destinations. There are many beautiful Places to Visit in Gwadar. Tanveer Rajput TV has collected data on the most popular attractions in Gwadar. People from all over the world and Pakistanis love these beautiful places which are also popular in Gwadar. In this blog, we show you the 10 most Places to Visit in Gwadar you should visit.

1. Gwadar Harbor

Gwadar Harbor

Gwadar Beach is a major tourist destination in Balochistan that attracts both tourists and investors. For this reason, Gwadar is considered part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar is the longest deep-sea port in the world. Gwadar also has a very good stone shape and crystal-clear water. Gwadar is also famous for its beautiful beaches. There is also a five-star hotel in Gwadar.

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2. Island Zalzala Koh 

This is a recently discovered island in Balochistan. This island is 100 meters from Gwadar Beach. According to a NASA report, the island was sighted on September 4, 2013, after a magnitude 7 earthquake.7. Hence the name of the island of Balochistan comes from the earthquake (Zalzala). According to DIG Moazzam Jah, the island is 20 to 40 feet above sea level and this island spans 100 feet.

3. Hingol National Park

This park was established in 1998. This park is very large, covering an area of ​​about 6,100 square kilometers. This park is home to many unusual and natural structures, such as the Princess of Hope and the Sphinx.

4. Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Places to Visit in Gwadar Pakistani TV personality Fakhr-e-Alam recently clicked images of Gwadar Cricket Stadium. The ICC has shared photos of the new Gwadar Cricket Stadium on its social media pages, asking fans if they’ve seen a more scenic facility anywhere in the world. These photos have gone viral and all cricket fans around the world are now talking about this place and the players who want to play cricket there. To see the charm of Gwadaru Cricket Stadium, everyone praises “Gwadaru Cricket Stadium as the most beautiful in the world”.

5. Sphinx

A natural sphinx can be seen in Hingol National Park in Gwadar. Like Nemes, this Sphinx has sharp cutouts for features and a large helm. This place is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

6. The island of Astola 

Sixth Places to Visit in Gwadar. The island of Astola is also called the island of the seven mountains. The island is 40 km away from the Arabian Sea. To get to Astola Island you need to go by boat.

7. Baba Chandrakup

You’ve probably heard of many volcanoes, but you’ve probably never heard of one that spews mud instead of lava. Baba Chandrakup is an important Hindu pilgrimage destination due to the Hindu belief that people confess their sins.

 8. Pasni Beach

Pasni is a small town and fishing spot in  Gwadar District. The population of Pasni is up to 33,000. Pasni Beach is located on the Makran coastal road in the Arabian Sea.

 9. Jiwani Beach

Jiwani Beach is the commercial center of the fishing industry and is located in the Gwadar District on the Gulf of Oman. Jiwani Beach is a great place to explore. It is also an ideal place for sailing and fishing.

10. Hammerhead

Resembling a hammerhead, the iconic Gwadar Peninsula is a must-see. It has a distinctive shape and is found in the Arabian Sea. This place is known as Hammerhead due to its resemblance to a hammer.

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