10 Best Places To Visit In Skardu

Best Places to Visit in Skardu

You could have known about these Places To Visit In Skardu on the off chance that you have at any point visited or have intended to visit the northern areas of Pakistan.

Skardu valley is situated far in the northern areas of Pakistan encompassed by the amazing Hindu Kush and Karakoram Himalaya mountain ranges.

Curiously, this wonderful city is situated in the locale of Pakistan known as Gilgit-Baltistan. This locale is a piece of the northern areas of Pakistan lining India, China, and Afghanistan.

Toward the north of this region is one more popular valley known as Hunza Valley and to its west side lies the lofty Pixie Glades.

Nonetheless, Skardu is the main city around here because of its magnificence and entrancing mountain ranges. Skardu is the ideal vacation location for individuals who love to invest energy close to lakes, valleys, powerful strongholds, and cold treats.

There are numerous beautiful spots to visit in Skardu Valley. Skardu’s lovely spots are sitting tight for you to partake in the regular landscape. Also, Skardu spots to visit are Khaplu, Shigar Valley, Manthoka Cascade, Khurpacho Stronghold, Shangrilla, Upper Kachura Lake, and Deosai Plain Best Places To Visit In Skardu. In this way, numerous Skardu Popular Spots to visit are as follows:

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Upper Kachura Lake -Places To Visit In Skardu

This is the most entrancing lake in Skardu valley, with a profundity of very nearly 60 meters is found 20 Km from Skardu city. It is known as Foroq Tso in the local Balti tongue. Upper Kachura Lake is one of the Best Places To Visit In Skardu.

Surface Elevation2,500 m
Max. Depth70 Metres (230 ft)
LocationSkardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Satpara Lake

Radiant Blue, overflowing with rainbow, encompassed by the chilly mountains and conveying a captivated lake in its center, this lake is a definitive fantasy resort in the delightful valley of Skardu. Satpara Lake is known for fishing and drifting.

Basho Valley-Places To Visit In Skardu

Basho is a lavish green lovely valley situated a good ways off 20 Km from Skardu air terminal. The valley is renowned for its pine woodlands.

AddressJSR, Skardu, 16100
HoursOpen 24 hours

Furthermore, there are lavish green knolls and cascades. Basho can be gotten to by 4by4 vehicles as it were. It is one of the amazing Places To Visit In Skardu.

Katpana Lake and Cold Desert of Skardu

Katpana lake is one of the best Places To Visit In Skardu well-known traveler objections in Skardu. In the middle between the Skardu Air terminal and Lake, there are sand ridges.

AddressK2 Resort, Katpana, Skardu, 16100
Phone+92 311 0000797
Floor Elevation2,226 m (7,303 ft)
DistrictSkardu District

These sand hills are something like in the middle between the powerful heaps of Karakoram and the Himalayas.

It is likewise on the rundown of renowned spots to visit in Skardu. Sand Rises in Skardu is situated close to the Indus Waterway covering the two primary deserts; Katpana Desert and Shigar desert. These Sandhills otherwise called cold abandons hold an attractive fascination in themselves.

Shangrila Resort Is the Best Places To Visit In Skardu

Glorious Shangrila Resort is based on a lovely lake and is found a short way from Skardu and is encircled by captivating views. This retreat is most popular for boat riding in Skardu.

AddressKachura, Skardu
Phone+92 58155 54942

The retreat depends on the bank of Lower Kachura Lake. It is likewise a popular excursion point in Skardu.

Manthal Buddha Rock Carvings

Address7J9M+CF3، Satpara Rd, Manthal, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Manthal town is situated on the right bank of the Hargisa stream in Skardu. The Buddhist rock is situated in this town. This Buddhist stone was cut by Buddhists when Buddhism was rehearsed in Skardu.


Buddhist priests of that time ached for drawings of their dreams, encounters, and pictures of Buddha with texts written in the Tibetan Language. The Buddhist rocks were the spot of their love till the mid of 14 Century A.D before the appearance of Islam in Baltistan.

Shigar Valley Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In Skardu

Shigar valley is watered by the Shigar Stream and is the doorway to the strong Karakoram Mountains. Shigar is additionally one of the most popular spots in Skardu. Shigar Valley is 23km away from Skardu. Besides, a delightful town multiplies with harvests and products of numerous kinds like apricots, pecans, pears, peaches, and grapes.


Moreover, Shigar Stronghold in Shigar Valley used to be the home of a nearby Ruler and as of late modernized by Agha Khan. Furthermore, there is a Wooden Mosque worked by Kashmiri Woodworkers in Shigar Valley.

Kharpocho Fort

This old and popular post gives you a ridge perspective in general town. Under the feet of the Kharpocho stronghold, creeps the strong Indus Stream. What’s more, there is a verifiable mosque that traces back to the Mqapun leaders of Skardu.

Nansoq Organic Village

Nansoq is the primary natural town in Pakistan. It is situated behind the notable Kharpocho stronghold, this town has been visited by Sovereign Charles and Ruler of Ridges, and Duchess Of Cornwall.

Shangri-La Lake in Autumn

One more lovely spot on the rundown of vacation destinations in Skardu is Shangri-La Lake. Shangri-La Lake, otherwise called Upper Kachura Lake, is around 32 kilometers or 20 miles from the primary city of Skardu. You can without much of a stretch arrive at this shining lake in a 2-hour jeep drive.

The presence of different bright blossoms in spring adds more excellence to the landscape here. What’s more, you can taste heavenly apricots, apples, and peaches newly picked from neighboring trees. Moreover, to encounter an agreeable and extravagant spot, you can likewise remain in the sumptuous Shangri-La Resort Inn here. Here, you will likewise observe the remarkable variety of vegetation.

Other Lovely Spots to Visit in Baltistan

  • Manthoka Cascade
  • Shigar Stronghold
  • Khaplu Stronghold
  • Khamush Cascade
  • Hussain Abad Skardu Cascade

Lodgings in Skardu

There are numerous lodgings in Skardu going from Exclusive to celebrity Rooms. A portion of the well-known lodgings in Skardu are:

  • Mountain Cabin Lodging
  • Mashabrum Lodging
  • Serena Shigar Stronghold
  • PTDC K2 Inn


You can visit Skardu in any season. In Spring you can partake in the shocking perspectives on Apricot and Cherry bloom. Essentially, in pre-winter, you can see the bright fall season. From Deserts to snow-covered tops and staggering knolls to rich green valleys Skardu is a superb spot to visit.

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