Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Best Places To Visit In Palakkad

Ottapalam, Parambikulam life Sanctuary, Vadakkanthara Temple, Palakkad Fort, Kanjirapuzha, Dhoni Waterfalls, Malampuzha Garden, Malampuzha Dam, Meenvallam Waterfalls, Jain Temple, Thiruvalathur Randu Moorthy Temple, garden, and plenty of a lot of Places To Visit In Palakkad.

Situated within the foothills of Nilgiri, tourer places to go to in the Palakkad area unit full of ancient architecture and natural wonders.

Whether or not you’re trying to pay for a while alone, with friends, or with family, this place offers you ample choices to settle on and have the time of your life. From seeking blessings at the Jain temple of Jainimedu to wandering inside the exotic life of Silent natural depression park, it’d not be wrong to mention that there area unit several superb places to go to in Palakkad.

Apart from historical structures and natural beauty, Palakkad has the most for your very little ones too. If designing a family trip, places like Fantasy Park and Meenkara Dam can certainly provide you with a day full of fun and delight.

If you’re a nature lover and wish to form the foremost of the sweetness of the wilds, then a visit to Ottapalam and Meenvallam Waterfalls ought to be a giant affirmative. placed at the Western Ghats these area units are among one the simplest tourer places in Palakkad. therefore pack your baggage and find your itinerary prepared below we offer you an inventory of websites that you should not miss once in Palakkad.

Here area unit a number of the simplest tourer Places To Visit In Palakkad:

Places To Visit In Palakkad Is Ottapalam

Among one the famous Places To Visit In Palakkad. A quaint very little hamlet placed on the banks of the watercourse Bharatpuzha, Ottapalam is one of the foremost serene places to go to in Palakkad. Madonna’s surroundings paired with untouched natural beauty bring an Associate in Nursing idyllic getaway for weary travelers.

The palm trees swaying against azure waters, clear blue skies, the wind buzzing at the side of the woods, and also the leaves rustling within the breeze – all of this makes Ottapalam a stunning and soothing place to be in. Photography enthusiasts will click beautiful shots of the natural splendor besprent around. So this is the very first unique and Best Places To Visit In Palakkad.

  • Distance: 33. 3 kilometers from Palakkad bus stand.
  • Timings: No temporal order restrictions.
  • Entry Fees: No entry fee.

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Parambikulam life Sanctuary Is Places To Visit In Palakkad

Spread over a district of nearly four hundred sq. meters, the life sanctuary is one of the foremost far-famed Palakkad tourer places for its Wild Tiger Reserve.

Wildlife enthusiasts and thrill seekers can realize it is excellent to pay each day among the overplus of flora and fauna of the sanctuary at the side of the big population of royal geographical region tigers housed here. Set against the scene of Anaimalai Hills and Nelliampathy Hills, the sanctuary could be a heaven for nature lovers. Places To Visit In Palakkad.

  • Distance: fourteen.7km from Palakkad bus stand.
  • Timings: 7 AM to 4 PM
  • Entry Fees: INR 50 for a lightweight vehicle, INR 100 and 50 for a significant vehicle.
Parambikulam life Sanctuary

Vadakkanthara Temple- Places To Visit In Palakkad

Just a pair of km from Palakkad railroad station is the stunning temple of Vadakkanthara, one of the foremost vital Palakkad tourer places. The temple advanced is devoted to the worship of Devi, a revered variety of Kannagi.

It holds a special place within the hearts of Hindu devotees and followers of the Devi. The Pooja time is taken into account as very sacred and also the temple advanced is crowded by tourists whenever the aarti is controlled.

At the top of the aarti, in the evening, a beautiful fireworks area unit is set as per tradition. The building itself is fantastically and in an elaborate way embellished with charming picket carvings and could be a sight to lay eyes on.

Vadakkanthara Temple
  • Distance: a pair of.4km from Palakkad bus stand
  • Timings: 4 AM to ten AM, 5 PM to 8.30 PM
  • Entry Fees: No entry fee.

Palakkad Fort

One of the foremost traditionally vital Palakkad tourer places is the Palakkad fort or Tipu’s fort. pay each day celebrating picnic within the sprawling inexperienced grounds of the fort together with your family and luxuriate in staring at the assorted statues within the advanced.

Or opt for a morning or evening jog on the running track running on the trench close to the fort. History aficionados will pay several hours enjoying the depository placed inside the grounds loving the renovation of the fort by the archeological Survey of Bharat.

Palakkad Fort

Architecture buffs area unit is interested in the fort for its stunning French vogue construction.

  • Distance: one.8km from Palakkad bus stand
  • Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM
  • Entry Fees: No entry fee.


Nestled thirteen km from Mannarkkad is the very little hamlet of Kanjipurzha far-famed among tourists for the majestic dam of the identical name. With a catchment basin of over 7000 hectares, the dam is an Associate in Nursing idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday town life.

The dense forests of Vettolachola and therefore the rolling inexperienced hills of Vakkodan also create Kanjirapuzha an ideal place to calm your worn nerves and salve your weary soul. The viewpoint of the dam offers exciting views of the natural depression. The gardens adjacent to the dam additionally provide a shocking assortment of spirited flowers.

  • Distance: 34. 4km from Palakkad bus stand
  • Timings: No temporal order restrictions
  • Entry Fees: No entry fee.

Dhoni Waterfalls

If you’re an Associate in Nursing internal secretion junkie searching for a thrill-inducing trek into the center of God’s own country, the path to Dhoni waterfalls is the place for you. relish the three-hour trek through the luxurious inexperienced forests to succeed in the falls.

The path up the hills fills one with a way of marvel and quietness – the leaf, the leaves rustling, the wind buzzing. And once you reach the falls, the attractive read of turquoise waters can create it not possible to tear your eyes aloof from it. you’ll pay for an ideal day of picnic close to the falls. It is also beautiful Places To Visit In Palakkad.

  • Distance: twelve.4km from Palakkad bus stand
  • Timings: 9.30 AM to 5 PM, every day
  • Entry Fees: No entry fee.


Some of the Best Places To Visit In Palakkad This wonderful locale in Kerala is exceptionally renowned for the Palakkad Stronghold, the Jain sanctuary, the yearly Ratholsavam, and obviously for the very gorgeous green and lavish Malampuzha gardens and dams. A portion of the significant marks of fascination in this dynamite place is the Tipu Ruler Post and the Dream park.


How would I get from Palakkad to Nelliyampathy?

The distance between Palakkad to nelliyampathy can be shrouded via train in 2 hours. no air terminal exchanges are conceivable as the closest air terminal to Palakkad is the Kochi air terminal which is a distance of 34 km. To venture out to nelliyampathy by street then you can do as such by recruiting a taxi.

Is Palakkad worth a visit?

Not just regular attractions there are many made attractions in Palakkad. Palakkad Stronghold is one such spot. Arranged at the center of the city the post invites you to this superb spot.

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