What to know before moving to West Virginia?

West Virginia

The Mountain State is well-known for its rugged lands and hills. Besides the scenic beauty, the state offers low-cost living and many outdoor activities.

The quality lifestyle, friendly people, and serene state environment make it worth living.

 If you are planning to move to West Virginia, you must know the following things before moving:

  1. The residency requirements
  2. Housing and Renting
  3. Currency & Taxes
  4. Employment opportunities
  5. Educational System
  6. Weather Conditions
  7. Culture of the state
  8. Cheapest places to live in WV
  9. Safest places in WV
  10. Pros and cons of living in the mountain state
  11. Health care system
  12. Things to do in WV

If you are planning to own a house or want to become a resident in the mountain state, We will provide you with the necessary information you must know before moving. Let’s get started.

Residency Requirements

If you want  to become a resident of WV, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Change your mailing address to the permanent address of the WV.
  • You must live almost 6 months in the state to get residency.
  • If you are a student or any professional worker, you must have a signed statement of your presence in the state.
Residency Requirements

Moreover, you must register your vote and vehicle after getting residency. Don’t forget to apply for a driving license, which you will receive after a week or two.

Housing and Renting

Due to the low-cost living of the WV, you can easily purchase or rent a house. The median housing price is $ 140,098, much less than the national housing price.

The rental home price in West Virginia is $711 to $ 900, depending upon the bedrooms. Moreover, other living costs, including medical, utility bills, and fuel charges, are much lower in WV compared to the national state.

Currency and Taxes

Currency and Taxes

The official currency of West Virginia is the US Dollar. You can use your credit cards as ATMs are widely spread in the state. The banking hours of the state are from 9 am to 3 pm.

According to the State Business Tax Climate Index 2022, West Virginia tax ranks 21st  overall. The tax rates of WV vary from 3 to 6.5 %.

The income tax rate is 6.50%, and the sales tax is 6%. These tax rates are much lower than the average tax in the United States. So, you can quickly pay your tax amounts without any burden.

Employment Opportunities

The growing economy of West Virginia offers massive job opportunities in different industrial sectors. If you are moving to West Virginia, you can opt for your favorite field.

 A few of the top industries where you can find the job of your interest are mentioned below:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Mining
  • Health Care System
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Education
  • Aerospace
  • Government
  • Architect

Educational System

Educational System

West Virginia is low in educational terms and is ranked 42 for the quality of education. People of WV have the lowest college and graduate degrees.

But, there are a massive number of high schools in the state providing quality education.

Weather Conditions

You will enjoy the seasons most in the mountain state. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters are cold, with 33 inches of snow. The fall season gives the most breathtaking view.

January is the coldest month at 33 degrees, and July is the warmest month with 73 degrees Fahrenheit in West Virginia. 

Weather Conditions

Culture & Festivals of WV

Culture is what keeps us united. People in West Virginia follow the old Appalachian culture. Several other events are celebrated throughout the year to cherish the culture and history of West Virginia.

A few of the festivals you would love to enjoy are named below:

  • Mothman Culture
  • Maple Syrup festival
  • Bridge day
  • Vandalia Gathering
  • Charleston festival

Cheapest Places to live in WV

The most affordable cities of West Virginia with low housing and rental prices with a lot of free recreational activities and entertainment are listed below:

  • Grafton
  • Oakhill
  • Clarksburg
  • Bluefield
  • Princeton
  • Charleston
  • Beckley
Cheapest Places to live in WV

Safest cities of West Virginia

The crime rate in WV is a little higher than in other states. But, a few of the safest cities, according to the safe wise team :

  • Oak hill
  • Weirton
  • Bridgeport
  • Moundsville
  • Charleston

Pros and cons of living in West Virginia

Like other states, WV also has pros and cons that can’t be denied.

●  Pros

  • Low-cost living
  • Great cultural festivals
  • Friendly-people
  • Massive outdoor activities
  • Growing economy

● Cons

  • Poor education system
  • Small towns
  • High crime rate
  • Excessive use of drugs.
  • Poor state

Health Care System

West Virginia has a pathetic health care system. It has been ranked 1st  in poor physical and mental health.

Many people suffer from heart, kidney, and lung diseases, whereas many face depression and other mental disorders.

Things to do in WV

Things to do in WV

Besides the downsides, West Virginia offers many best places for recreational activities.

You can enjoy many outdoor activities like hiking. Mountain Biking, kayaking, and whitewater rafting. The best places in WV for adventures are listed below:

  • Berkeley’s spring state park
  • Harpers ferry
  • Wheeling
  • National Park white water rafting
  • New River Gorge
  • West Virginia State Museum
  • Suspension Bridge
  • State Capitol
  • Heritage Farm Museum and Village
  • Mountaineer Field

What to know before moving to west Virginia FAQs

Is moving to west Virginia worth it?

Yes, moving to west Virginia is worth it. The friendly environment, rugged landscapes, hills, and recreational places make WV worth living in. Moreover, the downsides of the state also cannot be neglected. So, one must do proper homework before residing in WV

Is West Virginia a Tax friendly state?

Yes, WV is a tax-friendly state. The state has a tax from 3-6 %. The income tax rate is 6,50%, and the sales tax is 6%.

Final Thoughts

West Virginia is a friendly state with high mountains and adventurous sites. The low-cost living and fewer income taxes make WV worth living.

Besides the pros of West Virginia, several cons cannot be neglected. So, before moving to the mountain state, ensure a safe and best place for your residency. We hope the article will help you make a good decision for your next spot.

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