Things to do on 25 December 2022

Things to do on 25 December 2022

India travel is ideal over the Christmas season. India is a country with a Hindu majority, but it also has a sizable Christian population. No matter their religion, a lot of Indians enjoy Christmas very much. One of the coolest things about our nation is it.

Individuals of all faiths observe every event with unmatched fervor. The things to do on 25 December 2022 would majorly contain good times with your families, friends, and dear ones. Nevertheless, there are several incredible methods for celebrating in India if you desire to do something unique.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year to travel to some of the best vacation destinations in India and partake in some of the best things to do on 25 December 2022.

Goa Nightlife

India’s largest party destination is Goa. Goa is a popular destination for travelers from all walks of life and is regarded as one of India’s top tourist destinations. Goa offers everything, from breathtaking beaches to stunning temples and forts, from lively bars and parties to serene cathedrals.

Millions of people from all over the world choose it as their preferred vacation location because it also boasts some of the best hotels, hostels, and resorts for all types of budgets. Goa offers a wide range of activities, including motorbike tours and water sports.

But primarily, it’s a venue that inspires wild partying! And partying in Goa is one of the best things to do on 25 December 2022. During Christmas Eve and the entire holiday season, there are exciting activities planned at several hip nightclubs and beach huts.

You will have a blast in Goa around Christmas regardless of where you are! Simply choose your favorite Goa locale and let loose at one of the fantastic parties.

Things to do on 25 December 2022 IS Hiking through Cherrapunjee

The two-decker living root bridges across northeast India have been reported. Well, December is a terrific time to observe wonders that are worth seeing.

Yes, it will be peaceful and isolated, but if you’ve got a special someone, this could be one of the most wonderful things to do on 25 December 2022. Enjoy the 3-hour hike along one of the most beautiful routes at Nongriat.

Hiking through Cherrapunjee

Once you arrive at the growing root bridges, you may take in the fantastic scenery and atmosphere of this beautiful, undiscovered location. If you want to spend the night here, there’s also a small, basic guest house. It will get chilly, so make sure you pack some warm clothing!

Jaisalmer Camping

Imagine riding a camel inside the chilly desert, taking in a breathtaking sunset against a landscape of colossal dunes, enjoying a delicious supper and your favorite beverage, and then lying down on a cozy rug under the moonlight amid the desert.

AddressSam sand dunes, Sadar Bazar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001
Areas servedJaisalmer
Phone082860 50415

Few adventures compare to going on a desert safari including camping amid Rajasthan’s deserts. There are several well-known areas you can visit, like Khuri as well as Sam near Jaisalmer. Your most unforgettable life experience could be ushering in Christmas like this in the middle of the wilderness.

Additionally, it provides a glimpse into Indian rural life. You can extend your journey by going to some other enthralling Rajasthani cities including Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Jodhpur, all of which are brimming with history, culture, and beautiful architecture.

At Kaziranga National Park, go on a jungle safari

If it is suitable for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, it is suitable for you as well! India’s Kaziranga National Park is among the best things to do on 25 December 2022, to see wildlife. Its size is matched only by the variety of fauna that lives there.

AddressKanchanjuri, Assam 784177
Area1,090 km²
ManagementIndian Government
UNESCO Site Id337

The best spot to see Indian fauna in its natural state is there. The majority of India’s Royal Bengal tigers may be found in Kaziranga. It also has the greatest one-horned rhino number in the entire globe. There isn’t a better location in India to explore if you love the outdoors and wildlife.

Kaziranga National Park

Explore one of the 4 routes on an early-morning wildlife excursion, followed by another in the dusk. Christmas is a perfect day to give it a try because it is one of the best outdoor experiences. Additionally, it will provide you with a taste of the splendor of India’s less-traveled north-eastern area, which is set to become the nation’s tourism crowning achievement.

Mumbai Catholic Mass

You can go to a midnight ceremony in any of Mumbai’s magnificent churches to offer your devotion and begin your Christmas festivities by giving thanks to God. For such midnight mass, thousands of devotees come to Mount Mary church near Bandra with lights and thoughts.

Being a part of it is a very great experience. After there, you can go shopping in Bandra or tour some of Mumbai’s major churches on Christmas Day.

Mumbai catholic mass

You can also experience some of Mumbai’s vibrant nightlife because many bars and clubs will be offering fantastic deals on Christmas Day. There’s something to do anywhere, whether you’re in bustling neighborhoods or upscale South Mumbai.

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Christmas serves as a reminder of the value of generosity and spending with loved ones. We understand the beginning of wonderful things to do on 25 December 2022 via Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Generally speaking, it is an occasion to reflect on creation and the purpose of our presence.

Even though Christmas is a Christian holiday, people from various faiths and beliefs come together to celebrate it. People get together so much because of the spirit of this celebration.

Which city has the best things to do on 25 December 2022?

Whenever the churches are decked for Christmas with blooms and decorations, Goa is regarded as the best place to be. Goa is frequently recommended as the ideal destination for Christmas travel in December.

Which nations are warm in December?

Cape Town, Brisbane, Melbourne, Barbados, Thailand, and Australia are among the places that become warm in December

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