Things To Do In Temple TX

Things To Do In Temple TX

Things To Do In Temple TX -Temple was named after Santa Fe Railroad official B.M. Temple, and in its early days, the town was run by tough local characters stereotypical of the Old West.

If you look closely at the saved facades of the old downtown buildings and imagine the pavement and modern aspects gone, you can almost picture what life in the city looked like more than a century ago.

Today, Temple embraces its railroad history by integrating it with the modern expectations of those who visit the city.

The parallel is a nice balance when it comes to visiting places like the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum and the Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center. You can still find the rustic flare of the old Temple in places like Bo’s Barn Dance Hall, one of the oldest traditional dance halls still standing in Central Texas.

As you walk through the downtown streets, the historic Temple comes through in the markers around the municipal building and the details of the renovated buildings.

It is easy to spend a lot of time outdoors in Temple, whether you want to stroll the downtown streets to check out local antique stores or soak up the more natural surroundings at places like Belton Lake or Friar’s Creek Trail, which has paths that wind through local parks, residential neighborhoods, and along the creek.

As you plan your visit here, review our list of the top attractions and Things To Do In Temple TX.

Things To Do In Temple TX Railroad and Heritage Museum

The Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum should be one of the First Things To Do In Temple TX. The museum is located inside the historic Santa Fe train depot downtown.

Walk outside the museum to see the stunning details of the depot building and the historic train cars that sit behind it.

The depot is a museum but also the ticket office to an active Amtrak station. Inside the museum, you can tour the exhibits to learn more about Temple’s history as a railroad town.

There are several permanent exhibits and a regular rotation of changing exhibitions, so no two visits will be the same. There are regular events at the depot and educational programs that you can participate in if you are a train enthusiast.

Address: 315 W. Ave B Temple, Texas

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Things To Do Near Temple Tx At Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center

Texas has a large Czech immigrant population, and the Things To Do In Temple TX at Czech Heritage Museum and Genealogy Center is a fantastic resource to learn more about how this heritage influences life today in Temple and the state. It is a small museum that showcases various stories of Czech natives through history.

You can find artifacts and exhibits that show the history of Czech culture, and details about the immigrants who inhabited Texas between 1850 and the early 1900s.

The museum is housed inside an old storefront in Temple’s business district with a mosaic tile design dating back to 1931.

The Czech Heritage Museum also serves as a genealogy center that can be utilized to uncover family histories related to Bohemians, Slovaks, Wends, and Texas German immigrants.

Address: 119 W. French Avenue, Temple, Texas

Temple Tx Attractions Miller Springs Park & Nature Center

One of the most charming sides stops in Temple is at the Miller Springs Park and Nature Center. The center is an area of space encompassing walking trails, overlooks, waterfalls, and wildlife viewing. Several trails wind through the park and benches in scenic spots where you can sit and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature.

The 260-acre nature preserve is located close to the Lake Belton Dam. It is free to visit and an easy place to meander through the woods and enjoy the natural side of the Temple. It is an undeveloped section of land and nature preserve.

Address: 1473 Farm-to-Market Road, Belton, Texas

What To Do In Temple Tx At Ralph Sn and Sunny Wilson House

Anyone interested in architecture and home building should visit the Ralph Sn and Sunny Wilson House. It is tucked away in a quiet Temple neighborhood, but this hidden treasure holds a vast history related to the laminates used in homes in the 1950s.

The home is on the National Register of Historic Places. From the outside, the brick home looks like the others on the residential street. Inside, it has an ornate display of 50s laminate, showcasing the ways it was used in homes, usually on countertops and tables.

The home was built by Ralph Wilson Sr. who founded Wilsonart. The home served as a showroom for his laminate company to show how it could be used, and he also tested the durability of the products thereby putting them into practical use. The house is open for tours by appointment.

Address: 1714 S. 61st Street, Temple, Texas

Things To Do In Temple Texas Friars Creek Trail

You will find several walking paths in Temple but one of the nicest is Friars Creek Trail. It winds through parks, shaded green spaces, residential neighborhoods, and along the creek. The paved trail is 2.25 miles in its entirety and divides into several park loops.

You can catch Friars Creek Trail in South Temple Park where there is plenty of parking. The path takes you past several playgrounds and picnic areas if you decide you want to detour and spend some time enjoying the other sites along the way.

There is also a family water park nearby if you want to make an afternoon out of this section of the Temple.

 Friars Creek Trail

Address: 5000 S 5th Street, Temple, Texas


Located between the larger cities of Austin and Waco in Central Texas, Temple is just the 50th most populous city in the state. It isn’t a destination that often pops up on most people’s wishlists, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.


What is unique approximately Temple Texas?

Today, Temple nevertheless enjoys the difference of being in the demographic middle of Texas. With the major towns of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio much less than 3 hours away, it’s far from the transportation middle as well. Eighty-four percent of the state’s populace is inside 3 hours of the Temple metropolis limits.

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