Things To Do In Northampton

Things To Do In Northampton

This article tells the reader about some of the things to do in northampton this weekend, including visiting local businesses, enjoying food, and experiencing events. Northampton has everything from shopping and hiking to incredible local food, so there’s something for everyone. Food-lovers will love discovering the delicious food of Northampton while learning more about its history. Art-lovers can take time to explore the art galleries and shops around town, and meet local people who are serving up stories of all kinds.

Things To Do In Northampton For Adults

Northampton is a great place to enjoy live music and performance arts, with few notable annual dates such as the Northampton City Party. The LGBTQ performance and show of local culture is also something to look forward to. College students can visit their university’s art collections and take part in the arts program. There are also plenty of unique events around town. Plan your visit for the weekend and grab a drink in one of the city’s many bars or pubs, or take in some cultural attractions during your stay. From theatre performances to art galleries, there’s something for everyone in Northampton this weekend.

Things To Do In Northampton Today

The city’s progressive energy is on full display with its impressive collection of works from major artists. Smith College is a big contributor to the cultural scene, with its hour long guided tours of the museum and botanic garden. The Hit Art Museum is another must see destination, boasting an impressive collection of works from some of the most prominent artists in the world.

Unusual Things To Do In Northampton

The museum is located in Northampton State, and you can spend a weekend exploring the exquisite botanical garden and learning about the history of the area. For those looking for some outdoor activities, the mile Norwottuck Rail Trail is a great way to explore the area. It takes you along a scenic route from Northampton’s only dog park all the way to Memorial Park, which cuts west through a 282-acre field that merges with downtown area.

Just south of downtown is Smith College Campus, offering miles of trails for walkers and frisbee golfers. You can also take advantage of Northampton’s place on the Connecticut River by taking a bike ride along its shoreline. With so many things to do in Northampton this weekend, it’s no wonder why this city has become one of Massachusetts’ top destinations!

Things To Do In Northampton

Fun Things To Do In Northampton

The Northampton Arts Council appoints a local poet to be the city’s poet laureate every two years, and the city hosts several art galleries, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, and some of the best coffee shops around. Be sure to stop by Raven Used Books to discover a healthy dose of history together. After all, there are kinds of art and culture in Northampton that you won’t find anywhere else in the state! Explore this beautiful city with its vibrant arts scene and you’ll find something new every ye!

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Things To Do In Northampton This Weekend

This weekend, head Downtown Northampton for a night long celebration! With the county fair and Northampton’s recurring First Friday celebration featuring art, stores and restaurants, there is something for everyone. Check out the local art galleries and visit the stores to find unique items. You can also see an outdoor movie with food and music, or take part in games and competitions. There will be music, a ball raising contest and plenty of rides and games. The address is 54 Fair St., so come out this weekend for some food, fun, and entertainment!


What’s Northampton most notorious for?

positioned in the heart of England, Northampton is a city notorious for its shoe assiduity that goes back hundreds of times in history. During the 1st World war, the shoemakers in Northamptonshire supplied over two- thirds of the 70 million dyads of footwear needed, due to the thriving tanning assiduity in the area.

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