ST Thomas Carnival 2023 | Parades, Historical Background & More

ST Thomas Carnival 2023

Every place in the world irrespective of the nooks and corners they are located, has something special that adds uniqueness to the culture of the natives belonging to that place. ST Thomas Carnival Island, located in the Caribbean Sea is well known for its beaches and snorkeling spots.

This island has a rich culture that gives life to the air. St. Thomas Carnival, a unique event in the social calendar of the United States Virgin Islands, attracts a large number of travelers from all over the world.

The St. Thomas Carnival is an annual festival held on St. Thomas Island that is attended by both residents and visitors. In this post, we will look back at the history and happenings of the St Thomas Carnival, as well as look forward to the carnival in 2023.

Historical Background

The St. Thomas Carnival holds a special significance to the community of St. Thomas Island. The event edition of 2023 promises to be much more spectacular focusing on the traditions of the island and embracing its historical roots.

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The historical origin of this carnival dates back to the 1800s when enslaved Africans move to this island carrying their culture and traditions with them. Earlier, this carnival was celebrated as a way to preserve their heritage but later as time evolved, African customs get fused with the European culture to celebrate this carnival with diverse celebrations as an annual extravaganza.

St. Thomas Carnival Preparations

The St. Thomas Carnival is a grand event that requires planning for months with a dedicated and well-coordinated team comprising organizers, local authorities, and community members.

As this carnival is an amalgamation of a series of events, every step of preparation need well planning and execution to go beyond the edge set by the last year’s annual celebration ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all the visitors of St. Thomas Carnival.

Major Events of The St. Thomas Carnival 2023

The St. Thomas Carnival offers its attendees varied types of events and several exciting activities for people of all age groups and interests.

Grand Parade

The center of attraction of St. Thomas Carnival is the Grand Parade presented by the locals to showcase the diverse culture of the island dressed in vibrant costumes to represent their historical and cultural themes. Streets of Charlotte Amalie, the capital city of St. Thomas Island on the occasion of the grand parade get flooded with dancers, musicians, and a crowd of audience.

Calypso Night

Similar to the custom of any place, dance, and music hold a special identity related to the place where it belongs. Calypso night is a musical night in which Local and international Calypso artists grace the stage with their lively performances of Calypso music filled with witty lyrics. This music is an integral part of Caribbean culture.

Firework Display

After the sun sets, the night sky is illuminated by a spectacular fireworks display adding a pinch of majestic view to the atmosphere of St. Thomas carnival. These fireworks enlighten the sky of St. Thomas island with sparkling fireworks leaving the viewers amazed at the various formations of fireworks.

Cultural Workshops

Culture is the uniqueness offered by any community. So, any Carnival is incomplete without the Cultural Show. During the St. Thomas carnival, various workshops are being organized to acquaint visitors with their culture such as crafts-making, dancing, cooking, and interactive sessions to provide an open stage for cultural exchange headed by local experts.

Craft Shop

Shopping is a source of income during Carnivals. The craft shops at St. Thomas Carnival offer presents a wide range of locally made crafts as souvenirs of St. Thomas Island made by local artisans.

Food Stalls

The delicacies, the cuisines, and the food are one of the major special offerings a place can offer to its visitors. The St. Thomas Carnival housed several food stalls serving their special dishes to the visitors that captivate their taste buds and adds to the memories of their journey.

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The St Thomas Carnival 2023 is not only the celebration of the community of the island showcasing their deep-rooted culture and tradition but also, this carnival serves as the stage for the community of St. Thomas island to foster their unity and pride in their visitors from across the world. 

The St. Thomas Carnival has now become the identity of the natives of this island to present their unique customs and revive their culture annually by bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the carnival with enthusiasm and joy.

The St. Thomas Carnival along with the celebration of culture also has a very significant role in driving the economy of the island. This carnival attracts tourists from all around the world which boosts the demand for services such as hotels, dining spots, local sellers, ground transport facility providers, etc., thus boosting the economy and contributing to the growth of St. Thomas Island.

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The St Thomas Carnival 2023 is a beautiful reflection of the rich cultural heritage celebrated by the natives of St. Thomas Island. The long history of the celebration of this annual fest represents the pride and respect of residents towards their deep-rooted traditions. Every event of the  St. Thomas Carnival is so lively that it fills the streets of the island with smiles and joys and has a special place across the world that every year thousands of spectators visit this island to experience the lively celebration of their culture.

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