Personal Injury Claims for Veterans: Accessing Support and Compensation

Personal Injury Claims

Receiving injuries is a normal thing if you are serving as a soldier. But you can file a claim for serious medical issues or personal damages connected to your soldier job service. By submitting a claim, you can receive the required medical attention, help, and financial aid.

You can also apply for extra compensation if you have serious injuries or permanent impairment while serving as a soldier. For that, you need to look into a personal injury lawyer who can help you understand the type of claim you need to file. He will further assist you in legal processing. But before that, you should understand some aspects of it. Let us look into that. 

What Are the 3 Acts?

MRCA, DRCA, and VEA are the 3 acts that will cover the services of veterans. Your service related to your injury is of great importance here. Which act will cover your injury is mainly dependent on the service. For Instance, if your injury or medical issue is related to the service:

  1. MRCA will be applicable if your injury is related to service after 1 July 2004.
  2. DRCA, VEA, or both will be applicable if before 1 July 2004.
  3. One or more of these 3 Acts will be applicable, If your health issue is related to a service that spans 1 July 2004.

How Does the Process of Filing A Claim Work?

First of all, understand that you as a retired soldier have the right to file a claim related to your service injuries, permanent impairments, or medical issues. You will receive help and compensation for your loss and suffering.

A single claim can talk about multiple issues. Submitting solid evidence is crucial. This is how the legal team will decide the originality of your claim. Only then you will be able to get to the next level of filing a personal injury claim. The legal process will move further after establishing that the claim is service-related.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is an important step for the claims that are under the Acts of MRCA and DRCA. Right after proving a claim as service-related and authentic and before providing any compensation, a needs assessment will be completed. A legal professional will schedule a meeting with the victim to discuss the victim’s needs. It is a detailed process to establish the kind of medical and financial help the victim needs.

Disability Compensation Payment

To be eligible for Disability Compensation Payment, you need to be under VEA during the time of your service. As a veteran soldier, If you have received serious injuries or developed some medical condition during your full-time service, then you can apply for Disability Compensation Payment and medical help.

After applying for this, legal professionals will check if it applies to your case. In case if you have already taken the Disability Compensation Payment but your health issue got even more serious, then in that case you will be eligible for even more compensation. The amount of your pension can also be dependent upon your medical condition and issues related to your time in service.

How to Make A Personal Injury Claim for Veterans Easier?

To make the whole process smoother, We have three important steps for you to follow:

Step 1: Visit your doctor and confirm your medical issues and treatments related to them. An official medical confirmation is required.
Step 2: Check the documents that you need to submit and see if there is anything mission. After checking them all, submit those documents.
Step 3: Do not forget to see if you are already enrolled or eligible for free medical help.

Confirming Your Medical Issues

It is important to actively participate in the procedure. Your participation will be of great help to speed up the whole process of investigation. There will be a medical professional provided by your legal team to confirm your injuries. But if you will provide them with the evidence beforehand, it will make it a lot easier and smooth.

So, do not forget to submit your diagnosis with your claim if you want a quick investigation. There are two ways to file a claim: online and paper claim. You can upload your medical diagnosis online or you can submit it via paper application.

Documents You Need to Submit

As you already know that providing documents while filing a claim is essential. You have to check all the documents. You need to provide documents related to your service identity. Your legal team will look into your military medical reports, military service mishap reports, and job records. In addition to that, you are required to submit some supporting documents like your medical reports:

  • Witness statements
  • Reports related to toxic or dangerous material exposure
  • Scans reports
  • Doctor’s notes related to your condition

Make sure to submit these documents while filing a claim, it will ease up the legal process.

If your loved one is looking to file a personal injury claim for veterans, It will be beneficial for them to understand the process and requirements for a successful claim. We wish you all the best for your claim.

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