5 Things to do in Ilheus That You Shouldn’t Miss

Things to do in Ilheus

Ilheus, is a major city in the southern coastal region of Bahia, Brazil. The closest international airport is in Salvador. Daily direct flights are operated by LATAM, TRIP, and GOL to the nearby Jorge Amado airport from Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Porto Seguro, and So Paulo from the city by car. It is approximately 211 km south of Salvador, the state’s capital. Ilheus is considered one of the most important tourism centers of northeast Brazil, and can also be termed as a seaport in E Brazil. Here we got you the Top 5 things to do in Ilheus that you Should not probably miss.

Praia Dos Milionarios

This beach stretches for miles, so there’s plenty of room for everyone, and many areas have a block to themselves. The sand is gradually disappearing, but the waves are rough, so please be careful not to wash away if you have small children. The beach is very clean, with no seaweed or other debris. In the highly transparent white sand sea, you can see small fish with high transparency swimming according to the ebb and flow of the tide.

There are several beachfront hotels/resorts along the beach and some areas are full of restaurants with cabanas where you can spend the afternoon. Like some beaches around the world, there are ice cream and grilled cheese vendors walking by randomly, but not overly aggressive. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the Cabanas, it’s really good and the beach itself is very nice. You can also experience party night surroundings with loud music and enjoyment.

A long, sandy, and busy Sunday. On weekdays, it may be not that crowded. The sand is soft and clean with very little seaweed. There are several attractive restaurants on the main road leading to it. Worth a visit if you are in Ilheus.

Acuipe Beach

This beach makes you feel very intrigued because the beach is almost empty and there’s a river which mixes up with the beach water so that’s quite rare and amazing. It’s possible to swim on the river and on the beach too. Let the light heat your pores and skin at Acuipe Beach. After you’ve got crowned up your tan, loaf around and watch the sky dance with one-of-a-kind colorations with the placing sun. Located in Olivencia, this stretch of shoreline is loose to visit. Acuipe Beach can be considered for a low-priced and a laugh day out! If you are keen on a few greater sightseeing, Milionarios Beach, Cururupe Beach, and Batuba Beach aren’t a too long way away from here.

Lagoa Encantada – Charms Tourism Boat and Land Tour from Ilheus

It is the largest water mirror in Bahia, Biome Mata Atlantica APA Lagoa Encantada. inserted in a protected area directly with nature. Boat rides, visit and swim waterfall complexes, hiking trails (optional), and sightseeing on floating islands. The boat route inside the lagoon and make a stop for bathing in the waterfalls It’s approximately $90 per individual (adult).

This 5-hour durational route passes by Joia Beach, Ilheus, State of Bahia 45650-000 Brazil, Norte Beach, Litoral Norte, Ilheus, State of Bahia Brazil, Chocolate Caseiro Ilheus, Rodovia Ilheus-Urucuca, Km 2, Ilheus, State of Bahia 45658-335 Brazil, Piedade Lookout, Rua Jose de Anchieta Teresópolis, Ilheus, State of Bahia 45654-410 Brazil. This experience requires good weather. In case of cancellation due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund depending upon your choice. Also, requires a maximum of 15 travelers.

Museum of Cacau

Museum of Cacau

You will surely experience your time spent on the visit to the CACAU museum, actually, a federal government agency created at the height of CACAU in Brazil. There you will have the opportunity to learn more about the cocoa fruit, from planting to the final product. You can also taste chocolates made there, and to be really honest, it actually is the sweetest of all. The real cocoa is quite bitter as it’s grown 100% organically without any preservatives added. It would be a very good visit as the staff is really cooperative and explains well about the place. Several sections are available to roam around. The farm contains the importance of cocoa to the region and to Brazil. Everyone who comes to Ilheus should visit this museum.

Talking about the historic facts, it is worth listening to the story and getting to know how Cocoa arrived in Brazil and how Ilheus became the largest cocoa producer in Brazil. The cocoa route is way different than you think.

City Tour in Ilheus with Encantos Turismo

City Tour in Ilheus with Encantos Turismo

Visit the historic center on an approach to the city’s best events. Pass by San Jorge Church, Bataclan, San Sebastian Cathedral, Jorge Amado Culture House, Bar Vesuvius, and Handicraft Market. Travelers mostly are spotted there for photography and experienced guides talk about the past story there. Many Travellers have always reviewed the staff as very attentive and punctual. This makes the best and actual reason why people love to hang out in such a friendly scenario. The city center is very interesting and beautiful with its narrow streets and typical architecture from the cocoa period. The Year farm is great, even when it rains, that become a cherry on top for the tourist around there. The tasting and history of cocoa cultivation in Ilheus highlight the visit.

This map contains all the city places which will be covered during the route:


Things to do in Ilheus In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the natural beauties of Ilheus, don’t miss out on some of the activities listed here. If you want to learn more about the island and its culture, take a tour or head over to one of its many attractions. Finally, make sure to visit some of the local businesses to get a taste of whatIlheus has to offer.

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