Day Trip To Tequila From Puerto Vallarta

Day Trip To Tequila From Puerto Vallarta

Are you thinking of taking a day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta? Tequila, regarded as one of Mexico’s finest renowned pueblos magicos, must be included on anyone’s Jalisco journey.

One of the wonderful things about exploring Puerto Vallarta is that it serves as a great base for the day and overnight visits to other gorgeous places in Mexico.

There are other beautiful beach villages nearby, including Sayulita as well as San Pancho. However, if you want to try something else than the ocean, Tequila is indeed a terrific option.

This guide will tell you all you need to understand to organize a day or week-long day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta!

Where is Tequila?

Tequila (the drink) is widely known around the world, and so this tiny town seems to be the greatest spot to discover more about it.

Tequila was indeed the municipal seat of the region during the colonial period and the core of tequila production even by the XVII century.

Tequila continues to be one of the top Tequila manufacturing sites today, thanks to its big areas of blue agave farms that thrive within just a few spots in Mexico.

Tequila is located in Jalisco, around four hours from Puerto Vallarta which gives a good opportunity for a day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta.

How to Travel From Puerto Vallarta toward Tequila


Taking a rental car from Puerto Vallarta provides the most convenient method to go to Tequila. Route 200 takes around four hours to get there. Because most individuals ultimately consume Tequila, I would make this an extended vacation and stay for the night – or make it a long day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta!

Renting a vehicle in Puerto Vallarta is simple. The ideal option is to use Discover Cars, which searches numerous companies at the same time to get you the best rate.


If you don’t feel at ease traveling or want a supervised excursion, there are excursions for your day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta.

This 12-hour guided tour accommodation pick-up as well as a drop-off, brunch, admission fees, as well as a tequila sampling for a full day of absorption in true Mexican heritage.

Via Guadalajara

Because Tequila is only an hour away from Guadalajara, a wonderful city in Mexico, several visitors combine this into their day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta.


Regrettably, there are currently no straight buses from Puerto Vallarta towards Tequila that I am aware of, therefore you’ll need to catch a bus to Guadalajara and then a second bus towards Tequila.

Arrive at the Tequila Xpress bus depot in Guadalajara. The bus ride takes around 1.5 hours and departs each hour approximately in both directions.

Day trips to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta are also available from Guadalajara.


Flight via Guadalajara

If you don’t have many opportunities, you may travel to Guadalajara. It takes just over an hour in Puerto Vallarta.

I went on a holiday excursion to Guadalajara, then we took a day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta.

I bought a round-trip ticket from the small carrier Aeromar for a little less than $100 and caught a bus through Guadalajara toward Tequila.


You can travel to tequila on that Jose Cuervo Train, a whole Tequila train, offering one of the greatest distinctive and bucket-listing-worthy adventures in Mexico.

That’s an 11-hour drive across Jalisco, connecting Guadalajara as well as the genuine village of Tequila, with stops for scenery and beverages all along the route.

Activities to do in Tequila

Cellar of Tequila-My favorite part of the day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta was seeing the endless expanses of agave crops. They look stunning against the setting of the hills!

We were handed significant Tequila shots when we returned downtown and set along our path to discovering Tequila.

Stroll around the tiny town

Spend a few hours meandering throughout Tequila, admiring the picturesque cobblestone lanes and very well ancient structures which will transfer you to a bygone era.

Look out all the Plaza Central as well as the town’s main cathedral, Parroquia Santiago Apóstol, both of which were constructed in the 18th century. A lane full of great food booths is located adjacent to the main plaza.

In the central square of Tequila

Tequila also serves as a terrific destination to go shopping for authentic Mexican items. I found the costs to be considerably lower than that in Puerto Vallarta, which is why I purchased my favorite hat!

The National Tequila Festival (early Dec)

If you are a die-hard Tequila aficionado, come to the National Tequila Festival to check out an exhibition of Mexico’s finest tequila companies. This provides an excellent chance to try all of the Tequilas, and the costs are usually lower. This should be on your list of a day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta.

Stays in Tequila

If you decide to stay overnight in Tequila, something I advise if you’re driving from Puerto Vallarta, there are several wonderful options:

Matrices Grand hotel Barricas is among the most interesting accommodation options in Tequila, with barrel-shaped bedrooms! It’s also near a Tequila Distillery, which provides tequila samples and field trips to the plant.


Tequila is a charming town that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. If you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta, spend a few days in Guadalajara and plan a day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta. It will undoubtedly be entertaining!


How long should you spend in Tequila?

Tequila is approximately 4 hours away from Puerto Vallarta, so although it is possible to come for the day, I suggest spending the night or connecting it with Guadalajara for just a weekend visit. Else, it will be a very long day!

2. What is the best time to visit Tequila?

The tourist industry score prefers clear, rain-free days with observed temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F. The optimum season to go to Tequila for ordinary outside tourism destinations, according to this rating, seems to be from late Apr to early Jun, with a pinnacle score inside the 3rd week of May.

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