5 Cheap Hotels In Fort Kochi

5 Cheap Hotels In Fort Kochi

Cheap Hotels In Fort Kochi -The western Indian coast is home to the stunning Fort Kochi, also referred to as the “Lady of the Arabian Sea.”

It’s a calm beach that welcomes guests with a picturesque vista and unspoiled beauty.

Both tourists and residents alike like it for its crystal-clear water and serene setting.

This beachfront offers a pleasant atmosphere to unwind and chill out, whether by yourself or with dear ones.

The historical fort, a perfect illustration of European construction, as well as the yearly Kochi Festival, which is also held on the fine white sands of Fort Kochi Beach each year, are the two main draws of this beach.

Coming here means staying here to enjoy your time.

For this one must need cheap hotels in Fort Kochi to have a pocket-friendly trip.

Therefore, we have made this list of 5 cheap hotels in Fort Kochi.

1. Hotel Abad Chullickal – The only inexpensive hotel in Kochi with a hint of Europe

The Hotel Abad exudes elegance with its intricate balconies and subtle colors. The hotel is popular because of its stylish accommodations, dome-shaped atrium, cozy common spaces, and good location. The amenities are excellent and carefully planned within the allocated budget.

Due to the excellent deals, it provides to its clientele, we have included it in the list of cheap hotels in Fort Kochi despite being originally a three-star hotel in Cochin.

Hotel Abad

The rooms include separate living areas and occasionally contain a small kitchenette. Fresh hues and soft lighting provide a really pleasant atmosphere for your stay. The hotel is ideal for family vacations, particularly if you have teens traveling with you. However, it’s not a great choice for young children.

What’s unique: There is a Jacuzzi tub in each bathroom.

Price: Rs. 1,600 onwards /night

Location: Fort Kochi

2. Millennium Continental – A tart, cool change for your holiday

Millennium Continental, one of the best cheap hotels in Fort Kochi and also close to Ernakulam Railway Station, maybe your lone beacon of hope.

Its light, airy surroundings, and nearly entirely white design are calming and restful. An unexpected burst of vibrant bed linens or headboards can instantly lift your spirits. Typically, business travelers and middle-aged couples favor this inexpensive motel.

Millennium Continental

If you are on a business vacation, the strong lighting and always-free Wi-Fi reveal to be your best friends. The office center in this low-cost hotel in Cochin offers all of the modern amenities, including comfortable chairs and delectable finger foods that are yet portable.

What’s unique: The Millennium Continental Hotel is very roomy and open. At the very least, we can guarantee that you won’t experience any tightness or suffocation. The setting is made genuinely pleasant by enough ventilation and additional balconies.

Price: Rs. 1,900 onwards /night

Location: MG Road

Narakathara Road, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, opp. Shenoys Theatre, Kochi, Kerala 682035
Phone0484 236 6700

3. Vedanta Wake Up! Fort Kochi – A castle for travelers and a backpacker’s paradise

With its shared refrigerators, playrooms, common living space, and dorm-style family room, Vedanta Wake Up! feels more like a hostel. The outdoor seating area is the ideal location for conversing with other travelers over evening tea and amusing anecdotes. Backpackers make up the majority of the clients here.

Vedanta Wake Up! Fort Kochi

The dorm-style rooms contain bunk beds with closets, while the standard private quarters have ordinary king-size mattresses and wardrobes. There are also mixed-gender accommodations in a few of the dorm units and an excellent choice for cheap hotels in Fort Kochi.

What’s unique: You will have the chance to socialize with other passengers and meet fresh individuals because it is a transit hotel. One of the best spots in Cochin for meeting new people and learning from their experiences is said to be there.

Price: Rs. 830 onwards /night

Location: Fort Kochi

4. Honolulu Homestay – A fantastic location operated by fantastic proprietors

Among the most sought-after cheap hotels in Fort Kochi is Honolulu Homestay. The best parts of this place are the cozier shared spaces and suites.

The rooms feature brightly colored decor, tidy linen, open balconies, expansive gardens, safes, as well as air conditioning. The quaint tiny cooking area is indeed the homestay’s USP, though. You are welcome to bring your items and make a delectable supper.

This homestay’s proprietors deserve special recognition. Visitors appreciate them for striking the optimum combination between being considerate and non-intrusive. If you have the leisure, sit down with them and listen to their tales about the city’s past.

What’s unique: In addition to all other standard conveniences, Honolulu Homestay rents bikes and scooters.

Price: Rs. 960 onwards /night

Location: KB Jacob Road in Amaravathy, Fort Kochi

5. Sonnetta Residency – The ideal rest stop on a tight budgetCheap Hotels In Fort Kochi

Sonnetta Residency, one of the cheap hotels in Fort Kochi and also close to Cochin International Airport, is only five minutes walk from the well-known Chinese fishing nets. It resembles a B&B, with 6 comfortable rooms that come with all the facilities like free complimentary tea and coffee, a free breakfast, a physician on call, mini-fridges, ac, and mosquito coils.

 Sonnetta Residency

The Sonnetta Residency offers accommodations with bunk beds, queen beds, quadruple beds, and triple crib mattresses. The little ones are taken care of by the playground, while individuals and families enjoy spending time in the expansive gardens.

Address 1/387, Princess St, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Phone0484 221 5744

What’s unique: IITs advantageous location—4 minutes to the Chinese Fishing Nets, five min to the retail area, 7 minutes to the beach, and mins to Fort Kochi—makes it easy to get around.

Price: Rs. 1,000 onwards/ night

Location: Princess Street, Fort Nagar


Take a stroll all along the Fort Kochi coastline and carefully navigate the slick sands to see the Chinese Fishing Nets. See your tracks being washed away by ferocious seas. The wildly popular Kochi Carnival, which is held on New Year’s Eve each year, must be enjoyed.

This beach is the ideal destination if you’re sick of the city’s noise and activity. There are several dining establishments and restaurants that serve delectable cuisines for foodies. As a result, tourists from all over the world now resort to Fort Kochi Beach.

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1. Which tourist destinations are closest to Fort Kochi?

 Tourist destinations are close to Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin):
Indo-Portuguese Museum
Dutch Cemetery
St. Francis Church

2. What time of year is ideal for a trip to Fort Kochi?

The ideal times to explore Fort Kochi Beach are in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb

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