Can You Bring Flowers On a Plane? (TSA Guidelines 2023)

can you bring flowers on a plane?

If you are thinking of traveling on a plane and want to know, “Can you bring flowers on a plane?” So, I am here to tell you my short story about that. Stay with us till the end.

I was traveling to New York on a plane. I had a bouquet of flowers in my hands. A tragedy happened to me because I was not aware of the policies of the airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

I reached the point where I had to have my bags checked. I was just entering the checkpoint when I got stopped by airport security (TSA). I asked the reason, and they told me I could not bring flowers on a plane.

I was upset and realized I should have read about the airline policies and (TSA) guidelines before taking these flowers with me.

So this was my experience, through which I got to know about the following policies of the airports: Some airlines’ policies allow us to bring flowers on a plane, but some do not.

Selection of the Right Kind of Flower

Firstly, you should know the right flower choice to bring on a plane. Some plants are not for air tours; they can die easily and also ruin your mood. Plants that need water more frequently will surely die in an hour, so how could you make your flowers survive a long air tour? You can follow some tips to make your flowers and mood happy.


  • Choose flowers that can live longer without water. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and orchids are some excellent flowers that work well for flying tours.
  • Choose plants that have light odors. Plants with hard odors can also irritate you and the passengers on the plane, as the area of the plane is enclosed.
  • It is important to select plants with a gentle odor that will make your mood fresh and pleasant.

At some point, keeping plants tidy

Keeping the plants tidy at some point is an important step to keeping your flowers fresh. When you are bringing flowers on a plane, you will surely need to tidy your plants at some point. It is important to keep them sparkling.

Here are some suggestions that will keep your flowers boosted:

It should be noted that your flowers are properly hydrated before boarding the plane. You need to soak your plant in the water properly before it into the air. You may wrap the stems of the flowers in damp paper that can save your plant moisture within itself.

Rapid Delivery

It is also a crucial step. It would help if you delivered your flowers to the desired destination or where you want them to be. The longer they stay, the more they will fade.

Things to Do after arrival

Put your flowers in water when you reach your desired destination, preventing them from dying. The more you care for your flowers, the more beautiful they will be.


If you do not want to get into the troublesome situation of handling or carrying flowers, you may choose the best alternatives.

You can reserve your flowers at a florist shop near your region, which will immediately take your flowers to the destination you specify.

This will reduce the stress of handling and bringing flowers on a plane and also avoid getting them broken or diminished.

Another option is to gift or take a potted plant with you instead of a cut flower bouquet. Potted plants are more potent and stronger, which makes them less difficult to move.

Anyway, if you decide to bring flowers on a plane, you must remember to shop for a vase or flower pot specially designed to keep the flowers comfortable on the flight and keep the plant’s life wet during the journey.

Can you bring flowers on a plane

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To summarize, you must know about the airlines and (TSA) policies. Flowers without water are allowed on a plane, but you must take steps to make your flowers fresh and pleasant. Potted plants may be easy to carry to your destination. You must keep a pot or vase in your luggage, which will help your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (Can you bring flowers on a plane?)

What are the exceptional flowers that we can bring on a plane with us? 

The exceptional flowers for the air tour are roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, etc.

Can we bring flowers in a checked suitcase?

Without water, fresh flowers are allowed through the airport’s checkpoint.

What is the best way to pack flowers in a suitcase?

The most attractive way to pack flowers is to wrap the stems in paper towels.

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