Can You Bring a Selfie Stick on a Plane?

Can You Bring a Selfie Stick on a Plane

In modern-day life where everyone is want to capture everything going around, it is very common for a person to have a camera with them, and sometimes selfie sticks too. People have become much more active on social media and share each of their captures on their social networks. All those traveling do want to picture their journey at all spots be it underwater or up high in the sky looking at clouds traveling in a plane. But have you checked with your airlines, “Can you bring a selfie stick on a plane”?  If not, don’t worry, this article will be your helping hand to get to know “Can you bring a selfie stick on a plane or not”?

Does a Selfie Stick in Your Luggage?

Bringing Selfie Stick in Check-in luggage

The airports have very stringent rules concerning security checks and luggage and what’s prohibited is not allowed at any cost. The Transportation Security Administration generally allow their passengers to carry selfie sticks in Checked luggage but the traveler must be known of the size, weight, and other aspects to avoid any last-minute stress.

Light-weight foldable selfie sticks are a better option as they occupy much less space and would not add much weight to your checked luggage. Any sized selfie sticks or tripod stands are allowed that fit into the recommended size and weight of luggage as per the guidelines of airlines.

Bringing Selfie Stick in Cabin Luggage

While carrying a selfie stick on the plane as cabin luggage, travelers may have to pass through some additional security checks and screening. It is always suggested to inform the security personnel before the security check regarding the presence of such items in your baggage to prevent further delays.

The size of selfie sticks or tripods must be such that it fits into the cabin – baggage as per the regulations for size and weight of bag set forth by airlines. The bags containing selfie sticks must be placed under the seat in your front and the use of sticks while being on a plane is strictly prohibited by the authorities considering the safety and security of other co-travelers.

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Specific Rules in Specific Countries

In general, across the world, most of the rules and regulations are the same for checked and cabin baggage, items allowed or not allowed, the dimensions as well as the weight of bags. Now as new technologies are being added to the luggage, some countries follow specific rules that may differ from other nations. Regarding “Can you bring a selfie stick with you on a plane”, the following are the regulations of some common countries –

  1. As per regulations set by the United States of America, The selfie sticks and tripos can be put inside the check as well as cabin luggage. While having it onboard with you on the flight, the stick is lightweight and must be kept safely inside the cabin baggage under the front seat. They strictly forbade the use of selfie sticks while flying as they may be used as weapons or may accidentally hurt others.
  2. The Rules and regulations in Canada and the United Kingdom for Bringing Selfie sticks on a plane are the same as that set forth by the USA.
  3. The Airport security authorities of Australia looking into security concerns forbade their passengers to carry Selfie sticks with them in their Cabin luggage, while they allow them to place the selfie sticks in their checked luggage.
  4. Same as Australia, China to allows selfie sticks but they must be kept in Checked luggage, and prohibit travelers carrying any selfie sticks or tripods with them onboard in flight.


As technologies are advancing with time, there are a vast number of cameras with varied pixels and features. Selfie sticks too are there in trend too but are mostly not allowed to be taken out on flights during travel. Before packing up your cameras with selfie sticks, do ensure about – “ Can you bring a selfie stick on a plane”.

Airports guidelines are also changing as per arising security issues and have become more stringent. Do’s and Don’ts while traveling with a plane has become subject to the specific guidelines set by your departing and arrival destination as well as the airlines you are opting for.

So, yes you can carry your selfie sticks and tripod stands with you in your checked as well as cabin luggage but it must be appropriately kept packed inside your bag and must not be used while being on a plane. However, it’s always better to check with airport authorities and airlines beforehand to have hassle-free, smooth, and enjoyable travel experiences.

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