Can You Bring a Heating Pad on a Plane?

Can You Bring a Heating Pad on a Plane?

Have you ever thought travelling with plane gives you exciting experience but there are set of challenges that you may face during long flights when it comes to comfort like sprain, muscle aches, menstrual cramps or chilly journey. You must be thinking about Can you bring a heating Pad on plane to combat those discomfort situations. So, this article would help you to decide the answer of your query regarding Can you bring a heating pad on a plane based on the guidelines set by various aviation authorities.

The Transportation Security Administration have quiet strict rules and regulations regarding the items that are not allowed in check-in and / or Cabin baggage. Looking to general guidelines, TSA do allow the passengers to carry heating pad on a plane but there are certain restriction that the passengers must abide by.

These restriction may only permit the passenger to carry heating pad in their check-in baggage rather than cabin- luggage. Some airlines may offer passengers flexibility to carry heating pad in cabin- baggage but looking into safety and security of other co-travelers, they may forbade the usage of heating pad during flight.

Benefits of Having Heating Pad on a Plane

  1. Reduction of stress – The heating pad can provide you warmth and comfort and reduce stress and anxiety during your journey.
  2. Relief from pain – During long flights, passengers may face the issue of muscle stiffness particularly in neck, legs and back. Use of heating pad may provide you comfort by alleviating tension and relaxing the sore muscles.
  3. Beneficial in reducing Menstrual cramps – Flying during menstrual period may be painful to several females particularly long flights. But Heating pad can provide you comfort and relief from cramps and associated pains during jerks and other issues in flights.
  4. Warming effects – The temperature of flight is generally kept lower to ensure comfort of passengers but to some it may be chilly. Carrying heating pad with you on plane can provide you warmth and ensure cozy and comforting journey.

Undoubtedly bringing heating pads on plane have several health benefits and aid in comfy journey, but looking into probable hazards and safety issues airlines have certain rules and prohibition deepening on types and sizes of heating pads that may differ airlines to airlines.

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Various types of heating pads and rules abiding their usage on plane.

  1. Gel – based heating pads:  As these types of heating pads have liquids or gels inside them, so they have same rules as that of carrying liquids into plane which is as follows –
  2. For Check- in luggage: upto 5 litres of liquid leakage proof packing with care to avoid any inconvenience in transportation
  3. For Cabin luggage: upto 1 litre in small containers, each container of 100 millilitres placed in a transparent and resealable plastic bag maximally containing a total 1 litre of fluids.

So, gel containing heating pads qualify for cabin luggage only gel/ liquid inside heating pad is 100 ml, if more than that, heating pads must be kept into check- in luggage only.

Electric Heating Pads

These heating pads need electric supply for operating, so may have chances of fire hazards. That’s why most of airlines allow you to carry them into cabin as well as check – in luggage but will not allow their usage during flight.

Battery Operated Heating Pads

These are the most suitable one as they probably don’t have any gel into them and batteries are either replaceable or rechargeable. Airlines allow these battery operated heating pads in cabin as well as check-in baggage.

The rechargeable battery may face objection as some airlines may not allow charging during flight. So, carrying heating pads with disposable batteries or those supporting alternative charging such as power bank is better option. You can may carry additional cells for them.

Portable Size of Heating Pads

  • As airlines have restrictions on weight and size of luggage that can be allowed as cabin and check – in luggage, prefer compact and light weight heating pads.
  • To save up your luggage space, you can carry roll – up heating pad.
  • If you are thinking to bring heating pads on plane with you, prefer battery operated heating pads as most of airlines don’t provide any charging port to passengers

While taking care of your comforts, don’t forget about the safety and security of your co passengers. While packing heating pads, check the heat settings and safety features of heating pad beforehand. You can look for following points –

  • Heating pads that offer adjustable heat settings.
  • Customization of level of warmth.
  • Automatic shut off features when not in use and automated shut off timer.
  • Automatic heat settings to prevent overheating.


As long as safety and security are considered, Battery operated heating pads are best alternative while you are thinking “Can you bring heating pads on plane.” To avoid any last minute hassle and issues, you must confirm once with your airlines prior to packing your heating pads with you.

If you are planning to carry them on – board, inform the officials priorly at security check. Remember to choose portable heating pad those with well safety  features. You may need to follow some additional guidelines as per airlines for smooth and safe flight experience

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