Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

Whilst the maximum of Australia is rugged up for winter, the Whitsundays enjoy a number of our best climates! Locals and traffic are swimming withinside the ocean, cruising the seas, and basking withinside the solar.

Whitsunday Escape is flawlessly positioned in the tropics and is blessed with common daylight temperatures from 23o to 30oC all yr round. The very Best Time To Visit Whitsundays is given below by us.

Best Time To Charter

Hiring a ship and cruising the Whitsunday Islands is a vacation journey to be loved any time of the yr. All yr round, the Whitsundays enjoy the Best Time To Visit Whitsundays and mild winds.

To make the maximum of your bareboat vacation withinside the Whitsundays, there are positive seasons or months which can be higher for the assembly your vacation needs.

April to May is our shoulder season wherein the humidity and warmth lessen. An awesome time for an Easter getaway. Days are regularly vibrant and clean and temperatures are high-quality.

June to August is the Best Time To Visit Whitsundays .why the Whitsundays is called a cruising “Mecca”? Sailors and traffic come from afar and come to experience each Airlie Beach Race Week and the Hamilton Island Race Week and every day on land festivities. This time of yr is likewise ideal for recognizing the majestic humpback whales up close, as they migrate via the Whitsundays to start their young.

September and October is the top season with Best Time To Visit Whitsundays withinside the Whitsundays. The skies are usually clean, mild winds set your sails and the solar is shining vibrant.

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November to December is a perfect time to overcome the college vacation traffic. Often we can revel in an exalternate withinside the winds to be greater northerly. Enjoy the nice and cozy climate and discover anchorages that aren’t typically handy at some point of our South Easterly exchange winds.

January to March is the ‘rainy’ season and an incredible time to stable a good buy vacation! for Best Time To Visit Whitsundays. Of route at some point in those months, we get a few very pleasant climates. Expect it to be warm and humid with ordinary showers but very fun on the water, among the ocean breezes.

Regular showers additionally create gushing waterfalls and swimming holes to be explored at the islands.


The best Time To Visit Whitsundays is the given seasons. Located approximately midway up the coast of Queensland, you may discover the Whitsunday Islands. This part of Queensland is taken into consideration as sub-tropical, and because of this the weather of humid summers and heat winters. It additionally manner beautiful lush herbal beauty.

The temperature withinside the Whitsundays is high-quality nearly any time of the yr. During the height of winter, common everyday temperatures vary from around 22 to 23 tiers Celsius (73. four tiers Fahrenheit). In the peak of summer, temperatures attain 29 to 33 tiers Celsius (86 tiers Fahrenheit).

Waters across the Whitsundays Islands are sheltered staying around 25 tiers Celsius (seventy-seven tiers Fahrenheit) maximum of the yr-round, a perfect temperature for taking a dip. When experiencing the islands, many humans experience swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving year-round.



The Whitsunday Seasons are described with the aid of using moist, windy, and dry. The ‘moist’ season is from January-March, the maximum blustery months are March-May, and the driest months are August-October.

The Whitsunday moist season runs over the most up-to-date part of summer. While showers may be frequent, they hardly ever final all day. The dry season runs over iciness so it could be cooler, however, generally, the climate situations are continuously perfect. It doesn’t experience like iciness at all!

For the ones interested in cruising, the exchange winds start after the moist season around April, developing brisk cruising for the duration of the iciness. After June, the winds begin to settle, turning lighter after mid-September.



Summer (December-March)

  • Average temp 25 – 33 ranges with an excessive risk of passing showers
  • Summer is the low season – you could get a good buy on hiring a yacht.
  • It’s the Whitsundays moist season, however, there are just a few days of absolutely moist climate. Showers by skip quickly
  • Enjoy the rainforests, hikes, waterfalls, and rainbows in all their glory.
  • The water and winds are commonly calm.

Autumn (April–May) Is The Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

  • Average temp 24 – 27 ranges with a little humidity however much less rain
  • Weather may be difficult to expect with brisk cruising situations.
  • It’s heat coming off summer, however now no longer too hot.
  • Great temperatures for trekking and taking up a number of the greater enormous trekking trails across the islands
  • Mid to low-season rates

Winter (June – August) Is The Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

  • Average temp 22 – 25 range, with heat days and cooler nights and not using humidity.
  • It can get less warm at night time so % hotter garb options.
  • It’s whale-looking season withinside the Whitsundays.
  • Trade winds turning regularly lighter heading into September.
  • August hosts race week. The city of Airlie Beach is sort of a festival, and there may be an actual buzz.
  • August situations are exceptional for cruising. The situations are dry with consistent southerly winds.
  • Learn greater approximately iciness withinside the Whitsundays – festivals, whales, and race week.

Spring (Sept – Nov) Is The Best Time To Visit Whitsundays

  • Average Temp 26 – 30 ranges, lovely climate and not using a humidity
  • Spring is the maximum famous time to charter.
  • The climate is effortlessly hot and continually sunny with the bottom rainfall.
  • The water is notable for swimming, with exact visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Winds are light, and the sea is calm.


Ultimately the Whitsundays Region is fortunate sufficient to have a respectable climate in the year, with every season supplying its specific attractions.

Before determining whether you need to go to the Whitsundays, we recommend exploring our online reserving system, in which you may mess around with dates and rates.


What is the best season to go to the Airlie Oceanside?

When is the best season to visit Airlie Ocean side and The Whitsundays? Spring is the best opportunity to visit, all the more explicitly, the long periods of September to November because the weather conditions are great and the town is siphoning.

Are Cairns or Airlie Ocean’s side better?

Environment. Airlie Ocean side is 1000 kilometers south of Cairns which implies it’s cooler. By and large, Oceanside will be 5 degrees cooler than Cairns which has a tremendous effect in summer. Cairns additionally encounters considerably more downpours than Airlie Ocean side as it’s nearer to the equator.

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