Best Time To Visit Polo Forest

Best Time To Visit Polo Forest

Best Time To Visit Polo Forest -Polo Forest is one of the best tourist destinations near Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Himmatnagar, especially during the monsoon and winter seasons (July to February). It is located in northern Gujarat near the Rajasthan border in the southernmost Aravalli Mountains. The forest is near Vijaynagar. It is about 168 km from Ahmedabad towards the city of Idar

The river Harnav flows through the forest and the habitat is believed to have lived for many years in ancient times. Some of the best Time To Visit Polo Forest-

Activities in the polo forest

  • visit ancient Shiv temple, Jain temple
  • swim in the river / visit the dam near the Polo camp
  • enjoy harnav river and harnav dam
  • outdoor activity adventure open as Trekking, Climbing, Biking/Cycling
  • Visit farms and villagers’ houses
  • Giant spiders when looking at the sky under the trees
  • Gujarat organizes cycling races in January

Polo forest entrance fees

No entrance fees to Polo forest

If you want to visit the Forest Polo, you can rent an electric rickshaw in the parking lot. The cost of each point is INR 50 per person.

If you want to go trekking, you can ask the electric rickshaw driver, he will take you at an extra charge.

Best Time To Visit Polo Forest Las Polo

One day is Sufficient to visit all the places. But if you want to enjoy natural relaxation + Full of oxygen and dense forest. It would help if you stayed here for at least 1 night. If you’re planning a day trip, here’s how to spend the day.

If you are from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, or nearby places. Start your journey between 6 am and 7 am. Go ahead and explore the areas mentioned above.

Las Polo

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1 – Excursions & Pole

Forest climbing is the ultimate trekking. It has a safe route for trekking. If you are a climber, you have come to the right place. If you have enough time, you can engage in rock and rope climbing.

2 – Enjoy the Nature, Village, and Lifestyle

Jungle was a part of Vijaynagar state before Indian independence (1947). The state has heritage values. The villages are untouched by modern conveniences and way of life. This allows you to enjoy the good life of the country in a natural setting that cannot be experienced in the city these days.

3 – River and Dam

All attractions are located on the banks of the river. Various check dams are also available. A clean, small, shallow river is ideal for swimming. Take a dip in the river (do not use soap) and take some time to relax. Enjoy the flowing water at the dam and cross it to reach the ruined Temple of the Sun.

4 – Discover the rich heritage of art and monuments

The Vijaynagar king and his people created a magnificent temple (15th century) full of art and monuments. It is currently in ruins but you will love the beauty of the art if you look at it with interest. If you are a heritage lover, this is also the best place to go back in time to the 15th century. Shiv Mandir, Temple of the Sun & Jain temples are famous cultural heritage sites.

5 – Discover the fauna and flora of the forest of Polo

The jungle is dense and far from commercialization. As a result, there is always a natural atmosphere. If you want to see birds and wildlife, go on weekdays rather than weekends. The best Time To Visit Polo Forest In we Can visit-

  • spiders
  • giant trees
  • reptiles
  • insects
  • butterflies
  • birds
  • plants

6 – Vanaj Dam

Best Time To Visit Polo Forest Vanaj Dam is a magnificent dam on the river Harnav. This is the last spot in the forest that needs to be explored. After 5:00 PM, visit for a great view of the dam watershed. The path to the dam is full of adventure and fun through the forest.

7 – Food, Accommodation & Other activities

Various options/packages including meals and accommodation are currently available. Many resorts, hotels, and farms offer day and overnight packages with tents, rooms, etc. If you love nature, I recommend you stay 1 night in a tent and enjoy a nice morning walk in nature.

You can visit the polo without a pass if you don’t want to spend the whole day. You only need to pay the e-rickshaw tariff. And if you want to have a good day, there are several options.

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