Best Time To Visit Guatemala

Best Time To Visit Guatemala

The Best Time To Visit Guatemala is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, the u. s . has a pleasing weather that lends itself to 12 months-spherical trips, with temperatures between 72°F and 90°F.

Even withinside the moist season (May to October), the rainfall best lasts for multiple hours according to the day withinside the most important traveler regions.

The highlands are acknowledged for having stunning heat days, however, the nights are cooler. The lowlands around Tikal are normally warm all 12 months spherical (79°F to 90°F), with humidity growing from May onward.

We best propose towards journey in September and October in case you are combining your go-to with a few seashore times in Belize, because the rain may be greater disruptive there. Below we are given the Best Time To Visit Guatemala.

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Best Time To Visit Guatemala in November – April

Guatemala’s dry season brings outstanding blue skies and hot sunshine to Antigua and Lake Atitlán. Best Time To Visit Guatemala in Similar situations may be loved withinside the highlands; even though evenings right here may be cold year-spherical because of the better altitude.

In the lowland regions around Tikal with its surrounding jungle, you could count on quick showers, however, this does not affect journeying right here. Demand for rooms in Guatemala’s usually small and characterful motels spikes from mid-December to mid-January and once more over Easter, making early making plans Best Time To Visit Guatemala at this time.


Best Time To Visit Guatemala In Events & Festivals

All Souls Day (November 2): Although Guatemala’s ‘Day of the Dead festivities isn’t as intricate as Mexico’s, households nevertheless mark the occasion with visits to cemeteries, and Santiago Sacatepéquez hosts a kite-flying fair.

Holy Week (March/April): The Best Time To Visit Guatemala

Some of the maximum charming and colorful Holy Week traditions may be discovered in Antigua, Guatemala. Religious processions by skipping thru streets vibrantly carpeted in plants and colored sawdust.

Guatemala climate

Guatemala’s climate is a massive draw for plenty of visitors, with lots of light and heat temperatures maximum of the year.

The weather in Guatemala is essentially decided by altitude. In regions between 1300 and 1600m, which incorporates Guatemala City, Antigua, Lago de Atitlán, and Cobán, the air is sort of constantly clean and the nights moderate and, despite the warmth of the noon sun, humidity is in no way a problem.

Parts of Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, and El Quiché are above this height, so have cooler, damper weather with exceptionally cold nights in early December and overdue February.

Low-mendacity Peténsuffers from sticky, steamy situations maximum of the year, as do the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, even though at the least you may commonly depend upon the welcome alleviation of a sea breeze. This is also the Best Time To Visit Guatemala.

Visiting Guatemala Between December And February

The best Time To Visit Guatemala in wintry weather is ideal, as a maximum of the united states of America emerges from the wet season.

Note that airfares are excessive right now at 12 months, whilst northern hemisphere guests take gain of the wintry weather damage and break out of the bloodless climate and returned home.

While the times may be pleasantly warm, temperatures can drop to freezing at night time in a few areas, so % your comfortable pajamas.

You’ll locate masses to surprise at some point of wintry weather in Guatemala. The Christmas season brings plenty of fiestas, with the Caribbean metropolis of Lívingstonholding a massive carnival from Christmas Eve thru to New Year’s Eve.

Head to the western highlands in December to revel in the pageant of Santo Tomás in Chichicastenango from December 14 to 21.


It’s a stunning occasion, with masses of ingesting and dancing, stay bands, a massive procession, and sights which include the Palo Volador, greatly likened to a Maya-fashion bungee leap wherein guys throw themselves from a 30m pole with a rope tied around their legs (regularly blind-drunk — it’s as risky because it sounds).

Christmas Eve from midday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve from midday, and New Year’s Day are all public vacations in Guatemala and almost all organizations near down. If you’re making plans on visiting around those days, plan and ee-e book delivery and lodging ahead.

There’s no dry January in Guatemala: the fiestas are in complete force. The Rabinal fiesta, which runs from January 19 to 24 in Cobán and the Verapaces, is famed for its many dances and one — the Rabinal Achi dance — has even been bestowed UNESCO international history recognition.

January additionally sees the most important pilgrimage in Central America to Esquipulas in Oriente and Izabel. The metropolis is suited to bursting with hundreds of devotees — a sight to behold (or avoid, in case you hate crowds).

You’ll locate every other of the united states of America’s biggest pilgrimages in February, to the colonial church withinside the village of Chiantla withinside the western highlands. February is likewise the earliest withinside the 12 months you have to try and go to the far-off ruins of Petén— any in advance and you’ll be thigh-deep in mud.

For surfers, the waves of the Pacific coast are maximum constant from December to April, averaging 2 meters, even though situations are normally hard for beginners.

Visiting Guatemala between March and May

Spring simply is probably the precise time of 12 months to go to Guatemala. You won’t be hampered through the wet season and in case you fly outdoors during the Easter faculty holidays, you must be capable of getting an inexpensive flight.

Thanks to the shortage of rain, a ride between March and May is the right time to go to Tikal and the ruins of Petén.

If you locate yourself withinside the location in March, take the boat throughout the lake from Flores to San José, well-known for its fiesta in honor of its client saint. It’s held between March 10 and 19 and consists of parades and fireworks, plus a costumed dance wherein a lady and a horse bypass thru the village streets.

The Famous Maya web page El Mirador is ideal to go to in March and April, while the path is driest. Getting there’s an extreme undertaking — both a day jungle hike from Carmelita or a 3 to 4-day 4wd excursion from Uaxactún — however, all of it provides the experience.

There’s additionally the choice to bypass the dust and jungle and take a helicopter ride, even though you’ll most effectively get a fleeting glimpse of the ruins.

If you’re a nature fan traveling to Guatemala in spring, you’re in luck. The nesting season of the elusive quetzal begins off evolved in March and lasts till June.

Pay a go to the Biotopo del Quetzal in Cobán and the Verapaces for the risk to seize a glimpse of one. You’ll boom your probabilities in case you head there at the beginning of the nesting season at sunrise.

Whether or now no longer you spot a quetzal, the woodland itself is sincerely really well worth a go to in spring: Is the Best Time To Visit Guatemala for a view of a lovely explosion of plant life and flora unfolding out under a towering cover of trees.


If you’re on the Caribbean coast in November, try and be in Lívingston on November 26 to have fun Garífuna day. It’s the Best Time To Visit Guatemala to peer the metropolis and have fun, with one-of-a-kind songs and traditions to the relaxation of Guatemala. Be organized to witness a number of the first-rate dancing you’ll ever see to the hypnotic drum styles of Garífuna punta.


What is the wet season in Guatemala?

The wet season generally lasts from May to October, however in a few areas, it may preserve till November or past due as December – specifically around Petén, which is warm and stuffy all yr round.

What is Guatemala’s freshest month?

Guatemala has an extraordinary heat and tropical climate, with sunlight hours temperatures typically ranging between 70°F and 90°F all yr round. March and April are the freshest months, with the wet season from May to October breaking the regularly overbearing humidity with afternoon showers and low thunderstorms.

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