2 Days trip from Fes to Chefchaouen

2 Days trip from Fes to Chefchaouen

Chefchaoun is a lovely town to visit. Here you can’t put down your camera since there are such a lot of lovely views.

Overview of Chefchaouen

This 2 Days trip from Fes to Chefchaouen campaign to investigate the blue town of Chefchaouen for an extremely entire day. The confidential journey to Morocco’s Blue Pearl leaves at 8:30 AM at your convenience.

Upon appearance in Chefchaouen, you may autonomously investigate its verifiable medina, thin roads with blue and white-washed walls, and common bistros, still investigating the local culture. Visit the dazzling and one-of-a-kind town of Chefchaouen from Fes on a 1-road trip that gives you spare energy to investigate the blue-touched engineering, noteworthy focus, and climatic bistros of the Rif Mountain people group.

This visit incorporates transportation inside the solace of an environment-controlled vehicle, an experienced English-talking driver with helpful pickup and drop-off at your facilities in Fes.

Kindly remember that this 2 Days trip from fes to chefchaouen will be custom fitted to your particular requirements, spending plan, and interests.

Your critical Fez to chefchaouen Visit 2 days will take you to a radiant blue town concealed between the high precipices of The Rif Mountains. Join our Fes to Chefchaouen 2 Days visit and partake in the astounding appeal of Chefchaouen the Moroccan Blue Pearl.


  • Visit a notable mountain town that is painted blue
  • All-encompassing perspectives on the Rif Mountains
  • Investigate the Sky-blue variety of tight rear entryways of Chaouen
  • Meet local people and Appreciate lunch in a commonplace café

This Old Town In Morocco Is Shrouded In Blue Paint…

Chefchaouen, a modest community in northern Morocco, has a rich history, lovely normal environmental elements, and great engineering, however, what it’s generally popular for are the striking and clear blue walls of a significant number of the structures in its “old town” area, or medina.

The labyrinth-like medina area, similar to those of the majority of different towns nearby, highlights white-washed structures with a combination of Spanish and Moorish engineering. The splendidly blue walls, notwithstanding, appear to be extraordinary to Chefchaouen.

They are said to have been acquainted with the town by Jewish outcasts in 1930, who considered blue to represent the sky and paradise. The variety got on, and presently many additionally accept that the blue walls effectively repulse mosquitoes also (mosquitoes disdain clear and moving water).

All-encompassing perspectives on the Rif Mountains

The Rif, additionally called Rif Mountains, Arabic Al-Rif, mountain scope of northern Morocco, reaching out from Tangier to the Moulouya Waterway valley close to the Moroccan-Algerian wilderness. For most of its 180-mile (290-km) length, the reach embraces the Mediterranean Ocean, leaving a couple of tight beachfront valleys reasonable for farming or metropolitan settlement.

The higher pinnacles, including Mount Tidirhine, which at 8,059 feet (2,456 meters) is the loftiest, are snowcapped in winter. Albeit the mountains are exceptionally mineralized, just iron metal is mined for an enormous scope.

Drawn to the district’s roughness and distance, Amazigh (Berber) clans driven by Abd el-Krim (1882-1963) opposed Franco-Spanish occupation there during the 1920s. Since Moroccan freedom in 1956, correspondences across the Rif have been improved with a culmination street and the Course de l’Unité (from Fès to Kétama).

Day 1 : Fez to Chechaouen through Ouazzan

Today with Morocco Buddy Travel, your aide will take you on an exceptionally unique excursion. Following breakfast in your Riad or Inn, travel to Chefchaouen, a popular vacation location in Morocco and a charming town set amid the Rif Mountains only south of the Mediterranean coast in northwest Morocco. Chefchaouen is accepted as a “blue city” for its customary structures.

Partake in a stroll to investigate the white and blue-washed walls of the medina and the business sectors that offer a few one-of-a-kind local handiworks. With its delightful perspectives on the Rif Mountains and a night spent in a riad with an Overnight boardinghouse, Chefchaouen might be a phenomenal spot for photography.

Day 2: Chefchaouen to Fez through Volubilis and Meknes: Morocco friend travel

Today travel towards Volubilis crossing the Rif mountains through Ouazan and other Rif towns, in Volubilis, we are visiting to find the roman demolishes and decide about the situation of Moroccan history.

After the visit to the vestiges, we’ll move ours because of Meknes city 17 the century legacy where we’ll stop for lunch and stay nearby the verifiable enormous walls of the medina, bab el Mansour and experience a visit to Moulay Ismail sanctum. After the visit to Meknes, we’ll drive on to Fes city where you’ll end of Morocco Buddy Travel trip.

Different Things Of Fascination In Chefchaouen

Dawn and Nightfall in Chefchaouen are both enchanted times around here. Add this as one of what should be done on your Chefchaouen schedule.

Watch the Dawn or Nightfall in Chefchaouen

Get up in the early morning, get to the housetop of your riad, and partake in the most enchanted dawn you will see during your outing.

On the other hand, partake in this mystical second from higher up, by appreciating one of the many climbs out of the city up into the Riff Mountains. This is energetically prescribed to get an incredible perspective on the city!

Visit the Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque is a delightful structure that sits confined on a slope above Chefchaouen. The mosque was worked during the 1920s, during the conflict. Be that as it may, it was rarely really utilized and presently sits deserted, peering out across the city. It is a simple 30-minute climb to the top, where you will be compensated with unbelievable perspectives

Seeing the nightfall is supernatural here, as the brilliant varieties hit the foundation of the natural Riff mountains. Nonetheless, right now there can be swarms as it is perhaps the most famous thing to do in Chefchaouen. On the off chance that you favor it to be calmer, take an early morning climb to see the dawn all things considered.


Chefchaouen is famous for its delightful roads, loaded up with houses painted various blues. There are numerous hypotheses regarding the reason why the walls are blue. Some express it’s for down-to-earth reasons, like fending mosquitoes off or keeping the houses cooler.

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