Write for US Travelling: You are a travel blogger, and author of a travel blog and want to publish your travel article. Travelingsinfo invites readers to participate in the development of the site and receive author credit. Read more about our trips, email us to submit a guest post “Travelling” guidelines below, and publish your article accordingly!

Basic Write for Us Travel

We are always open to staff willing to share their knowledge, experience, and advice with the travel community. Our audience is looking for actionable, actionable information about the innovations that are transforming travel and the innovators making them possible. In short, articles will help others on their path of growth and transformation.

Types Of Post On Travelingsinfo

  • Travel guide of the most important cities, travel destinations, and vacations.
  • Travel advice seasonal travel, Hotel, Restaurants, and breaking travel news.

Write For Us Travel Style Guidelines Are-

We only publish an article if you follow our way checklist below, email us: Write SEO optimized article, help checklist:

  • The title must be related to your main keyword.
  • Use additional keywords in the Heading as well in 2, and 3.
  • Targeted Keyword: Add it at least 3-4 times naturally.
  • Places to Add Your Target Keyword: Top 100 Words, Middle of the article, the last 150 words of the article.
  • Related Tags: Can be used as a title OR in the content, it’s up to you.
  • Don’t keep adding keywords, just include them in the article where they make sense.
  • Write the article so that it does not add fluffy content.

If we like your suggestion, we’ll look for an item that meets these guidelines. We may need some modifications before we can publish your article on our website.

At Least 1,000 Words

We don’t write short messages. We don’t think they’re enough to convey the depth of information that our readers are looking for on our site (our readers are a bunch of nerds like us). So reinforce your message and be wordy!

A Short Biography of Me

Our readers want to introduce you before they dive into your amazing article. So give them a quick bio with a glimpse into who you are and what makes you a destination expert! You can also link your social media, website, or blog here (note that the links will not be visible unless you opt out of your editorial fee). You can also put it in your introduction & Final Sections.

Include Appropriate Links to Other Websites

If you mention an activity or attraction in your post, you MUST include a link to their website (or TripAdvisor review or another appropriate link). You must provide enough relevant information to require many relevant links!

Add Photos, Both the Source and your own, unedited

Your photos must fit the content of the post and be visually striking – their job is to visually tell the story of the place. If photography isn’t your forte, or you don’t have any photos that are suitable for your publication, we need a source for royalty-free photos (and will help you with the process if we don’t). I have never done that).

You Work With Us for 2 Editorial Tours

We have a great and experienced editorial team that will help you tailor your article to meet Practical Wanderlust’s guidelines by collaborating with you on the writing. You know better what you need to change and why. Our goal is to help you learn and even improve your writing skills by going through the editing process!

I think we have everything covered. Still with us? YES! We look forward to your offer!

“Write for us” + Travel Paid List

Link TypesTravel Paid Price
General Travel Guest Post25$
Sponsored Travel Guest Post35$
Link Insert Travel Guest Post Price50$
Casino Travel Guest Post70$
Contributor Account100$ (Per Month)

Note-You can easily submit your article by emailing us, contacting us, or sending your article to contact@travelingsinfo.com. and Contact On Facebook.

Travel Guest Post Payment Method

We will send you an invoice from Paypal; after that, we can pay, and you will get the live link of your Travel Guest Post within 24 hours of payment.

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