How to Easily Book the Perfect Tempo Traveller for Your Tour

Tempo Traveller

Planning a group trip with family or friends? Opting for a tempo traveller or traveller vehicle is one of the most convenient and cost-effective transportation options for tours across India. Tempo travellers, also called traveller vans, provide comfortable and customizable travel solutions for medium to large groups.

Here are some useful tips on how to book the ideal tempo traveller for your upcoming tour:

Choose an Appropriate Tempo Traveller

The first step is deciding the right tempo traveller based on your group size, tour duration and budget. Leading rental providers offer various capacitied traveller vehicles that can seat anywhere from 8 to 22 passengers.

Small groups of 8-10 people can book a 10 or 12 seater while larger groups of 12-18 are ideal for 15 or 18 seater tempo travellers. For overnight long-distance tours, opting for a vehicle with sleeper berths can be convenient.

You also have the choice of AC and non-AC tempo travellers. AC is highly recommended for long journeys, summer heat and elderly passengers. Deluxe tempo travellers like Maharaja vehicles provide additional comfort features like plush reclining seats, extra leg space, charging ports, LCD screens and more. Compare the different models and choose one most suitable for your tour requirements and group.

Book in Advance

It is highly advisable to book your tempo traveller well in advance instead of making last minute plans. Tourist seasons and public holidays see very high demand for traveller vehicles, making availability scarce. Booking at least 1-2 weeks in advance gives you the flexibility to get customized quotes, tour packages and ensure vehicle readiness for your dates.

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Pick an Experienced Provider

Choosing an established tempo traveller provider with expertise ensures better quality of vehicles and service. Some things to check are:

  • A well-maintained fleet with good condition vehicles
  • Trained and licensed drivers experienced in your route
  • Positive guest reviews and reputation
  • Backup support in case of emergencies or breakdown
  • Effective coordination for pickups, time management etc.
  • Competitive pricing with transparent bill breakup

Finalise Tour Itinerary

Provide a complete trip itinerary including journey route, overnight stoppages, sightseeing destinations and travel dates to your tempo traveller operator. This will help them chart out the optimal route, luggage and fuel requirements. Based on your tour plan, they can also arrange experienced drivers knowledgeable about the route. For multi-city tours, you may need vehicle and driver changes in different cities.

Confirming last mile pick-up spots and drop locations is also important. Share accurate contact details of tour coordinator for planning pre and post tour arrangements. Having an agenda planned out well in advance is vital for seamless tempo traveller booking and tour execution.

Discuss Inclusions and Payment

To avoid hidden costs, clearly discuss the inclusions and payment terms when booking your traveller vehicle:

  • Are tolls, driver allowance, permits, fuel charges included or extra?
  • What are the additional charges for outstation or overnight trips?
  • Does the provider arrange for meals and accommodation or is it self-arranged?
  • What are the payment options, cancellation and refund policies?
  • Any additional charges for customized or add-on services?

Arrange Supporting Services

Based on your tour plan, you may require additional services like:

  • Hotel and activity bookings at sightseeing destinations
  • Qualified tour guides at tourist spots
  • Packaged meals and bottled water during travels
  • WiFi hotspot devices for internet connectivity

Discuss these with your tempo traveller operator to include as part of your customized tour package for a seamless experience.

Following these guidelines helps ensure you get the ideal tempo traveller or traveller vehicle for your group tour needs. A reputable provider like Rental Tempo Travellers further simplifies your travel coordination with end-to-end tour packages including vehicle, accommodation, sightseeing, food and more. Book your tempo traveller well in advance for a memorable and convenient group travel experience.

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