How to Include TSA Precheck to Avianca?

How to Include TSA Precheck to Avianca

Traveling can be an unpleasant involvement, particularly when you’re surging through airplane terminal security lines. In any case, there’s an arrangement that can make your air terminal encounter smoother and more effective – TSA Precheck.

 In the event that you are a frequent traveler with Avianca, you can be pondering how to include TSA Precheck in your booking. In this extreme direct, we’ll walk you through the method step by step Precheck could be a program advertised by the Transportation Security Organization (TSA) within the United together States.

It permits qualified travelers to appreciate sped-up security screening at take-an-interest airplane terminals. With TSA Precheck, you’ll be able to keep your shoes on, take off your tablet in its sack, and breeze through security lines without the bother of evacuating your belt and coat. It’s a time-saving and stress-reducing liven for travelers.

Eligibility for TSA Precheck

Before we dive into how to include TSA Precheck in your Avianca booking, let’s make beyond any doubt you’re qualified for the program. TSA Precheck is accessible to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and legal changeless inhabitants. On the off chance that you are a non-U.S. citizen, you might still be qualified through certain trusted traveler programs like Worldwide Entry.

To apply for TSA Precheck, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a low-risk traveler with a clean criminal history.
  2. Pass a foundation check.
  3. Provide fingerprints amid the application process.
  4. Pay a non-refundable application expense (ordinarily $85 for a five-year membership).

Steps to Add TSA Precheck to Your Avianca Booking

Now that you’re qualified for TSA Precheck, let’s walk through the steps to add it to your Avianca booking:

Apply for TSA Precheck

Begin by filling out an application for TSA Precheck. You’ll be able to do this online by going to the official TSA Precheck site. The application is moderately direct, and you ought to give individual data, travel history, and other details.

Schedule an In-Person Arrangement

 After completing the online application, you’ll have to plan an in-person arrangement at an adjacent enrollment center. Amid this arrangement, you will be fingerprinted and given extra documentation. Be prepared to bring your valid passport or other recognizable proof documents.

Attend the In-Person Arrangement

Appear for your planned arrangement at the enrollment center. Keep in mind to bring all required documentation and installment for the application expense. The enrollment center staff will take your fingerprints and survey your documents.

Wait for Endorsement

After your in-person arrangement, you ought to hold up for the TSA to handle your application. This regularly takes some weeks, but you’ll be able to check the status of your application on the TSA Precheck website.

  • Receive Your Known Traveler Number (KTN): Once your application is affirmed, you’ll get a Known Traveler Number (KTN). This special identifier is what permits you to get to TSA Precheck benefits. Keep it handy!
  • Add KTN to Your Avianca Booking: When booking a flight with Avianca, enter your KTN within the fitting field amid the reservation preparation. This step guarantees that your TSA Precheck status is connected to your flight itinerary.

Review and Affirm

Sometime recently completing your booking, double-check that your KTN is accurately entered. Once affirmed, continue with the booking as usual.

Enjoy TSA Precheck Benefits

 On the day of your flight, make beyond any doubt to have your boarding pass with the TSA Precheck symbol and your KTN printed or available on your portable gadget. After you arrive at the security checkpoint, show your boarding pass and KTN to enjoy assisted screening.

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Additional Tips for a Smooth TSA Precheck Experience

Arrive Early

 Whereas TSA Precheck can save you time, it’s essential to reach the airport with sufficient time to save. Unexpected circumstances can still cause delays.

  • Keep Your KTN Helpful: Store your Known Traveler Number in a secure put, such as your phone or wallet. You’ll need it each time you book a flight with TSA Precheck benefits.
  • Renew Your TSA Precheck Enrollment:

TSA Precheck memberships have been substantial for five a long time. Be beyond any doubt to resume your enrollment sometime recently it lapses to continue enjoying expedited security screening.

In conclusion, including TSA Precheck in your Avianca booking could be a direct preparation that can altogether improve your travel encounter. By following these steps and guaranteeing you meet the qualification prerequisites, you’ll breeze through security lines and have more time to unwind some time recently your flight. Secure voyages!

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