How Bad Is Copa Airlines

Hello Friends, My name is Mielissa R. Brooks. I love to travel so much that I share my journey with you too. So even today I have come to answer one question of yours, do you want to know How Bad Is Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is an Airline that operates flights over 33 countries, which Offers us services like Business class and economic class. Copa airline’s economy class has three levels of service Basic economy, Classic economy, and Full economy. Copa Airlines offers us some additional services in their business class like premium food, comfortable seats, and more baggage allowance.

When we discovered A little bit about it, we got Some negative reviews from their customers. Based on their reviews we prepared a report about it all and decided to publish it on our website. In this article, We have covered some services like seat comfort, Food quality, Cabin staff facility, ground service, and some other services. We will discuss it Point by point in our article.

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Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort Copa Airlines

When we were discovering Copa airline’s services, we got seat comfort as a first problem for passengers. We got many Copa Airlines bad and negative reviews about Copa airline’s seat comfort, They have told that There were no recline, no footrests, and no power plugs in their Seats. Some passengers who traveled in Business class have told that there were no extra Facilities in business class, it all was like an economy class service, and there was no comfort in their business class seat, Overall copa airline’s seat comfort service got 3 stars out of 5 in their review.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages Copa Airlines

passengers also described the food services of Copa, They Described that There were no existing food or drinks except cheap packaged foods and soft drinks there. We found that the food service was not satisfying for passengers according to their reviews. Copa Airlines got 3 Stars out of five for their food service. We think they should improve their food and beverages services and should try to make it satisfying.

Customer Service

When we were discovering Copa airline’s passenger reviews on the internet, we found that Copa Is also a little bit bad in their customer service. We found a lot of negative reviews of Copa’s customer service on the Internet. We found, their customer services are not satisfying to the Passengers. According to passenger reviews, we think Copa should improve their Customer service and should make it satisfying to travelers.

Ground Service

Copa should also improve its ground service, it was also unsatisfying to the travelers. we found a lot of negative reviews on the internet about it also. For ground service, Copa got 2 stars out of 5. Passengers have posted that “There is no value for money in Copa’s Services “ Which was too negative for any airline.


Hope now you have got the answer to this question How Bad Is Copa Airlines?

Overall we found many negative reviews of travelers Against Copa Airlines. We found Seat comfort problems, customer service problems, food service problems, ground service problems, money refunding problems, ticket cancellation problems, and many other problems on the internet about Copa service. Overall Copa got just 6 points out of 10 based on Passenger’s review.

They have also told that there is no value for money to spend on Copa. We suggest Copa improve their all services and should make them very friendly and satisfying for passengers.


Should we try Copa Airlines?

Yes, we should try Copa Airlines, because they are improving their services day by day. If you have any other option for Flight or travel, you also can try them for your journey.

Is Copa Airline best for travel?

Copa airline is a good option for traveling but not the best, because when we discovered about Copa, we got many negative reviews of it but it’s not mean Their services are too bad if you want you can try it.

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