Closest Airports to Port St Lucie

Closest Airports to Port St Lucie

While planning to visit any place, the very first query that arises is about how to reach there smoothly. This article explores the way to reach Port St. Lucie,  well known for its beaches, Scenic parks, and Lush rivers offering its visitors various sources of recreational activities to witness the vibrancy of the place. This information guide focuses mainly on the closest airports to Port St Lucie. This location is facilitated by international airports providing modern amenities and well-connected ground transportation facilities to the destination.

The Closest Airports to Port St. Lucie include the followings.

  1. Palm Beach International Airport – PBI (45 miles)
  2. Orlando Melbourne International Airport – MLB (80 miles)
  3. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport- FLL (97 miles)
  4. Miami International Airport – MIA (120 miles)
  5. Orlando International Airport – MCO (134 miles)
  6. Daytona Beach International Airport – DAB (140 miles)
  7. Tampa International Airport – TPA (183 miles)
  8. St. Lucie County International Airport – FPR (12 miles)

Palm Beach International Airport – PBI

PBI ( Palm Beach International Airport ) is situated in Palm Beach County in Florida, nearly 45 miles north of Port St. Lucie. PBI is the closest airport to Port St. Lucie and of a wide range of connections to domestic and international places across the world. This airport provides its travelers with services like dining, Lounging, Shopping, and Rental car services as well as ground transportation facilities to its passengers.

Orlando Melbourne International Airport – MLB

Situated 80 miles to the north of Port St. Lucie in Melbourne, MLB is the second closest airport to Port of St. Lucie. Orlando Melbourne International Airport offers an alternative gateway to the region.

MLB provides good domestic and international flight connections and is the busiest airport in the state. It provides its passengers with services such as Lounging, Wifi, Dining, Shopping, etc.

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport – FLL

Situated about 97 miles south of Port St. Lucie Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is the primary international airport for Fort Lauderdale and a secondary airport to various parts of Miami. It provides a runway for flights to those areas that Palm Beach International Airport does not serve.

Being well connected by several airlines, this airport supports more than 700 flights every day to national and international destinations. Fort Lauderdale also provides featured amenities to its travelers along with efficient ground transportation.

Miami International Airport – MIA

Miami International Airport is located about 120 miles south of Port St. Lucie. Although MIA is farther from Port St. Lucie as compared to PBI, FPR but still preferred by many international visitors due to its extensive airline networks and wide connectivity to locations across the world. Being equipped with modern facilities, this airport provides excellent lounge facilities, dining and recreational services, rental car services, etc. This airport also provides ground transportation to several places along with Port St. Lucie.

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Orlando International Airport – MCO

Known as the primary airport serving the Orlando metropolitan area, MCO is a major airport in Florida. MCO is situated about 134 miles northwest of the city. Services provided by several airlines and wide flight connections both domestic and international have made MCO one of the busiest airports in the United States. MCO is also well-equipped with modern amenities for travelers.

Although this airport is very away from Port St. Lucie, this airport has many travelers to St. Lucie due to the wide range of flight options available to the passengers.

Daytona Beach International Airport – DAB

While farther than other airports, DAB is approximately 140 miles north of Port St. Lucie and may serve as another option to consider by travelers reaching Port of St. Lucie.

This airport has a more limited flight network compared to larger airports but offers a smaller and more relaxed atmosphere and it may be suitable to those travelers of Port St. Lucie who are seeking a quieter travel experience.

Let us tell you that the largest airlines fly to Delta Airlines DAB Terminal.

Tampa International Airport – TPA

Situated approximately 183 miles northwest of Port St. Lucie, Tampa International Airport can be considered by travelers seeking additional flight options and exploring other destinations in Florida.

TPA serves Tampa Bay and offers a wide range of domestic and international flights with a plethora of amenities for dining, shopping, rental cars, and efficient ground transportation to reach Port St. Lucie.

St. Lucie County International Airport – FPR

Situated approximately 12 miles north of Port St. Lucie, FPR is located within the country. Treasure Coast International Airport, another name of St. Lucie County International Airport is the closest airport to Port St. Lucie but lacks extensive connections.

FPR provides Fixed base operations like fuelling, aircraft maintenance, and hanger facilities to corporate and private aviation and does not have wide commercial arrivals and departures.


Palm Beach International Airport is the closest airport to Port St Lucie, and Orlando Melbourne International Airport is the next closest airport to Port St. Lucie. These two are the best options for reaching Port St. Lucie as they are closest as well as provide good services of lounging, shopping, rental car services, and many more to their passengers. Being located in the proximity of Port St. Lucie, these airports are most recommended to travelers for smooth and comfortable traveling. To have a hassle-free journey, book your flights at the earliest with reputed airlines to get good deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (Closest Airports to Port St Lucie)

What Airport is Closest to Port St Lucie

The closest airport to Port St Lucie is Palm Beach International Airport.

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