What terminal is Southwest at MCO?

What terminal is Southwest at MCO

Particularly what terminal is southwest at MCO is at Terminal A. From terminal A it conducts all its arrival and departure activities indeed. It is obviously located at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Surprisingly it is open to the general public. At the destination, one of the three passenger terminals is truly Terminal A.

For airfares, it unquestionably handles all domestic work to and from the airport. Moreover, Southwest Airlines handles all this. Without a doubt, it provides its passengers with flights with a wide number of destinations. These flights can be either connecting or non-stop flights.

Unquestionably keep a few things in mind when you are flying with Southwest Terminal A.

Orlando International Airport- what terminal is southwest of MCO

Southwest MCO Terminal Overview

It should be noted that Southwest at MCO from Terminal A Southwest Airlines handles its flight. Along with Airside 1 Terminal A positively handles Airside 2. In addition to the Airside Concourses, it has three levels in total. These levels particularly are as follows:

Level 1– Especially this level has a designated welcome centre USO. It provides basic services indeed. Furthermore, it includes ground transportation services. For instance baggage claim area and car rental. Undoubtedly these are for arriving passengers. 

Level 2 – Unquestionably  one to sixteen carousels are in level 2. Clearly it provides baggage related facilities to passengers. For example baggage storage, baggage wrapping baggage claim, etc. 

Level 3– Of course in level three there are two sections. First is the ticket counter and second is the boarding gate. As it is the ticketing level it definitely provides many facilities. For example- information desks and currency exchange services. Including nursing rooms, bars, restrooms food options, lounges etc.

On Airside 1 it leads passengers to the boarding gate 1-29 indeed. And for Airside 2 it leads to the boarding gates 100-129. Individual check-security points are on both airsides.  

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What terminal is southwest at MCO (Orlando International Airport) – Its services

Importantly from basic to advanced level services Terminal A provides to its arriving and departing passengers. These services obviously enhance passengers’ experience at a great level. Positively these services are spa, bank facilities, rest zones and airport hotel. Terminal A at MCO also includes services like art programs, quiet rooms, hotels, nursing rooms, etc. For children nextly they have play areas. For pet lovers, they have pet relief areas. So you probably do not need to worry about the facilities you need.

Most importantly they have all the facilities that you want like food, free wi-fi, mobile charging, and lost & found facilities.  

How to move to and from the southwest terminal at MCO?

It should be noted that Terminal A has another two passenger terminals. Importantly all terminals are equipped with all facilities for passengers. Foremost, the terminal is designed in such a way that it completes all a person’s requirements. There are 1 to 4 airside satellites available unquestionably. Their purpose indeed is to ensure that passengers can move easily at terminals at Orlando International Airport (MCO). 

Furthermore, people use Automated People Mover(APM). Additionally it runs every two to five minutes. It undoubtedly picks up and drops off passengers where they want to be.

Terminal A at MCO airport-what terminal is southwest at MCO- Airport/Airline lounges

Above all, there are two designated Airport/Airline lounges at Orlando International Airport(MCO). To the eligible passengers, they are indeed accessible. Whether they are traveling on high-class tickets like first class or business class. If undoubtedly the economy class wants to enjoy these lounges, they can pay money and enjoy. The lounges particularly at Terminal A at MCO are The Club at MCO and USO Welcome Centre.     

USO Welcome Centre is open from 6 am in the morning to 10 pm at night. While The Club at MCO is situated on Airside A of Terminal A.

Facilities at what terminal is southwest at MCO

Positively lots of facilities are available for passengers at MCO. The following are the facilities indeed:

Class Upgrade

it should be noted that Southwest Airlines provides facilities for class upgrades. The passengers can upgrade during the time of their flight booking. Unfortunately, if someone forgets to do so then he/she can do it even after boarding the flight. But it will be available on the availability of class upgradation. 

Flight Booking

absolutely the passengers can book their flights via agent directly at the airport or by online or offline medium. Even at the last moment, you have an option to book your flight instantly. You especially keep in mind that all documents must be handily available to avoid any problems.

To Cancel a Flight

chiefly if there is some reason to cancel a flight one needs to take all his/her documents and go to the reservation counter. After this indeed you have to provide a valid reason so that they can appropriately cancel your tickets for a valid reason.

Special Assistance

is unquestionably provided to disabled persons.

Baggage facilities- it provides various baggage-related services indeed. You probably have to contact your airlines for baggage facilities. Whether it is baggage wrapping, storage, or claim. Maybe it’s domestic flights or international ones. Southwest Airlines allows its passengers a special baggage allowance to take their special things with them.

Inquiries- Southwest Terminal A has definitely facilities that allow you to take any kind of assistance from the help desk. 

Found and Lost services- it probably includes lost items. Items that are unquestionably lost during carrying. For example, baggage damaged or luggage completely lost at the airport. Besides this, pet and minor services are also available at the airport. 

To Conclude

What terminal is southwest at MCO and has all the facilities that passengers want? Moreover, passengers can enquire about lots of things according to their requirements. So what terminal is southwest at MCO lots of options to give a good flight experience to its passengers. 

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