11 Places To Visit Bantayan Island

Places To Visit Bantayan Island

White sandy beachfront, saline lagoons, marsh sidewalks, dungeon pools, ancient ruins, paragliding, and outdoor adventures are just a few of the interesting facts to experience on Bantayan Island.

I advise staying at least three days visiting Bantayan to see all the greatest scenic beauty and experience the relaxed island lifestyle of Northern Cebu.

You may find helpful advice regarding how to reach Bantayan Island, wherein to reside, how to travel around, and indeed the top 11 places to visit Bantayan Island.

1. Places To Visit Bantayan Island Is Virgin Island

Virgin Island, a remote idyll off the edge of Bantayan Island, ranks first on our list of places to visit Bantayan Island. It’s among the nicest beachfront in Bantayan and is well-known for its stunning white sandy beachfront and blue waters.

Virgin Island seems to have a variety of things to do if you desire to do something other than lounge on the shore all day. Take in the sights on foot, enjoy a lunch of local fish, go scuba diving, or cliff jump to get your heart racing!

You’ll book a boat that will transport you between Santa Fe towards the Virgin Islands. You have two options for doing this: either your lodging or by going towards the local port. More individuals are advantageous because you’re able to divide the fare among your bunch.

2. Kota Beach

Bantayan Island, Kota Beach seems undoubtedly the most well-liked beach, and one of the excellent places to visit Bantayan Island. With its undulating shoreline and azure water, this magnificent piece of shoreline stands out.

Although the beachfront is directly in front of Kota Seaside Resort, everybody’s free to visit and take in its magnificence. You may hire standup pontoon boats by the minute from SUP Bantayan, which is located at the main beach inlet.

Kota Beach

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3. Paradise Beach

Our local vacation is Paradise Beach, in addition to being one of the top places to visit Bantayan Island. A little stairway down to the sand provides the only route to reach this somewhat secretive gem, which is concealed from public scrutiny by a limestone rock wall.

Few natives were appreciating the shallow waters including spearfishing inside the depths when we went, but other than them, it was all to ourselves. A series of beachfront canopies located at the far extremity of Paradise Beach provides shade from the hot sun.This is also in one of famoue Places To Visit Bantayan Island.

Paradise Beach

4. The Ruins

The Ruins near Bantayan Island aren’t what you might generally expect from a tourist attraction considering that they are not historically or culturally important, yet they are incredibly picturesque.

A German immigrant once lived in this ancient, abandoned house, but Typhoon Yolanda wrecked it in 2013. Since then, graffiti has been painted over the cement remnants, attracting tourists from all around to examine its vibrant exterior.

In addition to the remnants, it’s a well-known cliff diving location among the residents and the rare thrill-seeking traveler. It’s not a profound area, so make sure you jump during high tide.

The Ruins

5. Places To Visit Bantayan Island Is Obo-Ob Mangrove Eco Park

The Obo-ob Mangroves Eco Park, one of the best places to visit Bantayan Island, offers something unique in contrast to the area’s numerous beaches. Legendarily, Camp Sawi, a Filipino romantic, was produced in large part at the Omagieca Tropical Garden.

A bamboo promenade that leads to the sea is available here, where you can stroll through the verdant mangroves. Kayaks may be leased on-site and are a great opportunity to further experience the marshes. By the opening, there is a neighborhood restaurant where you can eat if you get hungry.

6. Balidbid Lagoon

The most popular places to visit Bantayan Island, close to Santa Fe, include Balidbid Lagoon. Due to its remote location, Balidbid Lagoon is a serene area with a few undeveloped sandy dunes and a meandering canal that leads to the ocean.

You can choose to hire a surfboard from the people at SUP Bantayan, or you might just unwind and appreciate the borders of Balidbid Lagoon, as we enjoyed. We went on a private excursion of the marshes when we joined them there at the lake. We were accompanied by the breathtaking beauty and wildlife sounds but there wasn’t a person in sight.


7. Ogtong Cave

The Ogtong Cavern Resort is home to the beautiful landscape water-filled cave known as Ogtong Cave. You will get free entry to the cavern if you are a guest at the lodge or Santa Fe Beach Resort (they are both a part of the same company). Nonetheless, if you’re residing somewhere else, you could access the hideout for 100 PHP each day.

The cave on Bantayan Island is indeed not the most naturally occurring tourist destination because it has been created for accessibility, but it is still worthwhile to explore. The water is a breathtakingly clear and bluish color, as well as the waves, determine how high it is. We enjoyed a cool swim in the crystal-clear water in Ogtong Cave.

8. MJ Square

Without dining at MJ Square one evening, your trip to Bantayan Island wouldn’t have been genuine. If you would like to try the island’s renowned fresh fish, you must explore this bustling food store on Bantayan Island!

Consider buying seafood by kilogram and having it prepared to order. Along with dessert stands, there are numerous souvenir stores providing trinkets and souvenirs.

9. Sts Peter & Paul Church

St. Peter & Paul Church seems to be a great complement to your agenda if you wish to diversify your trip beyond beaches and marshes.

The chapel is situated in the Bantayan Island village of Bantayan. Even though the congregation was initially established in 1580 mostly during the Spanish conquest, the system called that currently stands was only finished in 1863.

Sts Peter & Paul Church

10. Coconut Road

You must explore the Coconut Road to get an authentic taste of the tropical island and an Instagram-worthy photo.

This dirt lane is bordered by thick coconut palms and is situated on Obo-ob Marikaban Roadway immediately just after Marikaban Brgy, giving it the ideal tropical photography backdrop. Drive your bicycle here, or, as Zowie did, ask a nice resident if you may borrow his bike, and capture a few shots along this rural trail.

 Coconut Road

11. Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding at Bantayan Island must be done if you desire to get your heart racing and experience another of the most thrilling activities there is! A kiteboarding school called KiteBantayan operates out of Santa Fe’s Amihan Beachfront Cabanas.

There are classes offered for every degree of experience, regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or have attempted kiteboarding previously.


Among the Philippines’ finest gorgeous vacation spots is probably Bantayan Island. It offers pristine beaches, beautiful historical buildings, notable natural features, and important conservation destinations. In addition to this, Bantayan Island has an abundance of fish, providing it with the ideal tropical island escape.


What period of the year is ideal for visiting Bantayan Island?

Weather-wise, December through June are the greatest months to travel because the weather is warm and there is little chance of rain.

How is Bantayan Island accessible?

The most popular method is taking a city bus between Cebu City towards Bantayan Island, followed by a brief boat ride towards the island.

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