10 Best Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan

Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan

In this article we will tell you about Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan Koh Phangan seems to be an island famed around the globe for its legendary full-moon beach parties. It is known as “Samui’s Little Sister” and is home to approximately 10,000 people, but it draws over 30,000 tourists who come to take advantage of the island’s hedonistic activities.

Particularly those located on the island’s western shore, a number of the shores are nothing less than magnificent. Because some of the roads on Koh Phangan are less built than those on Koh Samui, moving around might be difficult.

Some beaches are only accessible by boat, which is to their advantage because the majority of Koh Phangan is still very wild. Finding a place to stay could become a problem. Here we are to tell you about the best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan.

1. Phangan Bayshore Resort

Upper edge beach, biggest pool, accessible, and reasonably priced. This was one of the original and is currently one of the best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan, boasting a fantastic downtown and beachfront location.

It will be raucous however during the full moon celebration because the rooms are clustered with each other in motel-style complexes (like other facilities here on the island). The rooms either have balconies that are only 10 meters apart and then face the noisy pool or some other tower.

The ones that face the beach, have full-length panels that look out onto the sand path, and are only 5 m from the swimming are worth the extra cost.. A Jacuzzi is also provided in suites.

 Phangan Bayshore Resort

2. The Cabin Beach Resort

Modern construction, newly constructed, remote but not remote. A variety of ultra-modern lodging options are dotted all along the shore and down a steep hillside in a remote cove and were refurbished in 2017.

Nevertheless, some people may not like the boxy, grey, prolonged flat roof architecture of the suites and common areas. The Deluxe Bungalows have a tasteful interior design and Thai art, making them likable and stylish.

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3. The Coast Resort

Adults-only, tranquil, and ultra-chic. The overall structure is pleasant due to the scattered areas of vegetation and the charming coastal environment; nonetheless, the advanced manufacturing decor is less appealing.

All accommodations include glossy concrete pillars and flooring, with deep orange accents to break up the oppressive greyness. Many villas have a direct view of the attractive seaside pool and water, while others have two bedrooms as well as an especially long terrace. This could be the best choice for the best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan.

4. Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

Huge grounds, a beautiful beach, first-rate amenities, & perfect for families. This facility is positioned on Seekantang (Leela) Shore, which is approximately 10 minute stroll beyond Haad Rin village and a small distance from the renowned Sunset & Sunrise coastlines.

It is sprawled out across the coastline and up hills on either flank of the entrance ramp. There are many different villas as well as bungalows available, such as the circumferential Cliff Bungalows, which are astonishingly constructed around unyielding rock formations and positioned around a steep slope for the best views (mainly obscured by foliage).

5. Neptune Villa

Seaside, downtown, unassuming, and leisurely. This is a step just above standard possibilities close by, spread out over two wings on either side of the town street.

It provides 13 different types of accommodations, starting with straightforward but cozy wooden cabins that face the garden walk that leads to the beach which forms a great option for the best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan.  The local hotel rooms in a building facing the large, dazzling pool are much more contemporary and roomy but lack charm.


6. Rin Beach Resort

Excellently practical, distinctively constructed, and suitable for families. This hotel is conveniently situated in Haad Rin town, next to the station for the occasional ferries reaching Koh Samui, as well as overlooks a picturesque bay that is practically uninhabited.

There are many various types of vibrantly colored accommodations available, and the majority are very distinctive from anything else found on the island.

Although the bungalows are sparsely furnished, the balconies and numerous windows provide spectacular vistas and cooling breezes. Bungalows can be found situated on cliffs just above the sea or alongside a hillside slope making it one of the best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan.

7. Sarikantang Resort & Spa

Nice beach, both new as well as old, remote but not lonely. There seem to be rows of inexpensive lodging, old-fashioned cottages flowing down a hillside, and buildings of efficient motels adjacent to the large party excitement but not in it.

The Deluxe (regular) Rooms are pleasantly spacious but a little dark indoors, with a swinging hammock on the patio.

The modern, stylish, and spacious Superior Rooms are situated next to a second communal pool. Additionally, the romantic apartments are practically right next to the beach (although it’s not obvious why they require renovation).

Sarikantang Resort & Spa

8. Sunset Beach Club Hotel

Let’s party in a seaside, practical setting! The apartments are small, useful, and comfortable—perfect for partygoers—but they are in fairly uninspiring square blocks.

The expansive, unobstructed views of the sea that can be seen from apartments on floors other than the ground are without a question the amazing option.

In addition to using the more attractive pool, lawns, and playroom of the Sunset Shore Villas adjacent door, visitors can also utilize the oceanfront Infinity-edged lagoon, which is wide and long. However, if getting enough sleep each night is crucial to you, avoid booking any location 3 days either before or after the supermoon. Both resorts are blissfully relaxed at other times.One of the Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan.

Sunset Beach Club Hotel

9. Sunset Beach Villas

Easy access to the beach and a fun environment. The “villas” are simply upgraded huts that vary in price depending on the view. The majority look out over the gardens, while others face another home that is just across the road, with flowing gliders on huge verandas establishing the ambiance.

Those who have “stunning views” are further away from the boisterous pool as well as slightly upward. All of the houses are efficient, relatively modern, spaced a few meters apart, and oriented for potential sea views; regrettably, however, those villas overlooking the shore are not tilted straight more toward the water for optimum views.This hotel is also from Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan.

Sunset Beach Villas

10. Tommy Resort

Recognizable, large, and close to the beach. One of the earliest and best cheap hotels in Koh Phangan, most dwellings face a primrose path surrounded by goldfish lakes and cascading waterfalls.

They are spaced apart, frequently 10 meters apart, and have a brown wooden pattern. Some of the ones facing the water can be raucous, particularly around full moon celebrations, and some of them are practically poised on the sand.

Tommy Resort


There is no better spot to begin or enhance your physiological, intellectual life journey than the island, which is rumored to be nestled on a massive layer of rose quartz.

We will be happy to help and assist you throughout your vacation and entire accommodation on this magnificent island, as well as respond to any questions or inquiries you might well have, if you are an accomplished traveler or if this is your first genuine adventure, regardless of whether you’re new or accustomed to Koh-Phangan.Above all are best Cheap Hotels In Koh Phangan.


What time of year is ideal for visiting Koh Phangan?

Between Dec and March, only when the sea is the peak, clear, and suitable for swimming, is the ideal time to explore the island.

How is Koh Phangan accessible?

By ferries, Koh Phangan is readily available.

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