Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip 2023

Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip

For those who are new to saltwater fishing or who want to obtain photos and encounter all of the main in-shore varieties, A Bay is an excellent in-shore flats angling venue.

On every Ascension Bay fly fishing day trip, you will be offered the opportunity to catch Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit, as well as Snook. We are here to make sure you have the greatest experience possible, the scenery is amazing, and all at a reasonable price.

This article, in my opinion, is the most thorough online or printed resource for planning a memorable Ascension Bay fly fishing day trip. If you have any suggestions to provide, please do so in the comments section. Take your time here if you intend to fish in “A Bay” seriously. A Bay is a unique location.

This article’s objective is to provide you with ALL the information you need to enjoy a smooth vacation to A Bay.

Location of Ascension Bay

Approximately 100 miles south of Cancun, along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, is Ascension Bay. The Cooperstown for flats fishing would be this.

Each fly fishing periodical on the planet has covered it. The adventure is stunning both inside and outside of the water, has great diversity, as well as being simple to travel to.

It’s a popular spot where famous people including Brian O’Keefe, Jack Nicklaus, and others go fishing. A global destination, it. Despite being barely a day’s drive away, many of the fishermen that come to fish here originate from Europe.

What Sort of Fish Can You Find on Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip?

Address1 Beach Side Road Carretera Tulum a, 77768 Javier Rojo Gómez, Q.R., Mexico
Phone+52 999 351 5328

For me, this had been the most striking aspect. I had no notion what kinds of fish resided in which types of waters or how to effectively fish for all of them.

This became my “black hole” of intelligence, and it was scary enough because I didn’t feel secure enough to board an aircraft and search for something I can’t understand! Not dissimilar to you, certainly. Let’s attempt to explain these bizarre fish.

Below is a Summary of the Typical fish we Capture on the Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip in this Area:

  1. Bonefish
  2. Snook
  3. Tarpon
  4. Permit
  5. Jack Crevalle
  6. Barracuda
  7. Lemon Sharks
  8. Lady Fish
  9. Cobia (On the reef’s periphery, it’s uncommon yet conceivable.)
  10. There are also numerous additional species, including less widespread fish and snapper, triple tail, as well as blue runners.

How Can One Reach Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip?

Even if we arrive on various airlines, the region arranges for a pleasant van service to bring us all up at the airport. The area of Punta Allen, which is renowned for having difficult accessibility and a bad road, is where we always go fishing. It is a popular location for fly fishing and eco-tours.

The town has 586 residents as of the most recent census, which helps to keep it peaceful. No cell coverage, a tiny town, or communications. Although there is a network, it is quite sporadic and unreliable.

Although you may take a tiny aircraft between Cancun towards lodges located at the southern tip of Ascension Bay, the majority of anglers fish at Punta Allen and take a boat southward every day with their instructor.

From Cancun towards Punta Allen, it tends to take 4+ hours, 2.5+ of which are spent driving down a narrow peninsula having water on either side on a poor road.

After quite a lengthy flight, the trip is a long slog, so prepare yourself. The flight is only halfway there! As the van sways and bounces on the gravel road, it’s best to stay supplied with water rather than beer, and Dramamine is not a bad idea either.

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What’s It Like to Go Angling at Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip?

Because there are normally two guides for every two tourists at Ascension, typically one fish alongside guides who operate 23′ Panga vessels. This program is AMAZING. Anyone angling Ascension Bay is carefully advised to make sure they are on a 1:1 angler-to-coach program, especially novice flats fishermen. The benefit is substantial.

The Panga sailboats have an inflatable dinghy, and a tall bow up front to break up swells in the open sea, but they can also draught in extremely shallow water. The instructions have a great casting platform for the target angler on the front and a raised poling platform in the rear.

Only a few lodges make use of “Flats Vessels.” A flat sailboat operates with such a 2 passengers 1 operator ratio and therefore is smaller. Nevertheless, I prefer the 1:1 setup since it gives you more movement if one angler/guide wants to step out of the boat to chase fish on foot.

This is preferred by some experienced saltwater anglers. Breakfast is served there at the lodge each morning at 7:15, as well as the instructors arrive and depart as they receive their tasks and prepare their coolers. By the time we return to the lodge at approximately 4 pm, the crew is ready to serve as guides at 8 am. The majority of the time, you’ll fish from a sailboat while performing something that I like to refer to as “patrol.”

The instructors will pole around their preferred flats in search of the desired species. Most of the time, they search everywhere! Snook as well as Tarpon spend much of their time in Ascension Bay’s numerous mangrove ponds, while permit, tarpon,  jack crevalle, and barracuda are all present in open water.

Whenever the tide is weak, we frequently see Snook inside the open water as well. You simply can’t predict what you may shoot at. In much less than fifteen min, I’ve previously cast at five species.


Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Day Trip offers the best of both fly fishing universes: a short boat ride to the useful pads of Rising Sound or a speedy outing to the more disconnected tidal ponds that encompass it.

What Number of Anglers Can You See?

Undoubtedly, you’ll notice some more vessels. Despite being a well-known tourist site, there is plenty of space for everybody to enjoy the ocean. Whenever you do, it’s usually inside the range and you hardly ever fish given some other boat.

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