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Do you have a flight booked with Avianca Airlines and want to know which Avianca JFK Terminal to approach?

Avianca Brasil is now officially knowns as Avianca Airlines, owing to the ownership change and other finance-related issues.

Avianca Airlines History

Avianca company was founded in 1919 in Columbia and is one of the oldest Airlines in the world. It is a member of the Star Alliance, which holds the position of the largest airline in the world. Thanks to this collaboration, we can enjoy connecting flights seamlessly and various other benefits while flying with other member airlines.

This airline offers numerous in-flight entertainment options, including games, TV shows, movies, and music via the infamous Avianca Entertainment app. Their premium services include their Business class options that feature lie-flat reclining seats, gourmet dining options, personal entertainment systems, and a lot more. At selected airports, eligible passengers can have VIP lounges as well.

Let us hop back to the topic and find out where to find the Avianca JFK Terminal in 2023.

Avianca Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport

Terminal 4 is used by Avianca Airlines at JFK (John F. Kennedy) airport, according to the latest news in 2023. For further details, you can contact the helpline number provided above. Some co-shared flights labeled as Avianca are also operated by other airlines.

Terminal 4 at JFK Airport

Airport locationJohn F. Kennedy International Airport New York, NY 11830
Airport CodeJFK
Ticket Counter Hours for Avianca AirlinesTerminal 4. Daily 8.30 am – 10.30 pm
Contact Number+1 800-284-2622

What is Avianca JFK Terminal?

Airport terminals are the areas designated to specific airlines within the airport where the passengers flying with the airlines mark their arrival, and departure as well as take connecting flights.

Facilities and Amenities JFK Terminal

These places are designed to cater to the requirements of travelers, providing them with an array of a variety of facilities and amenities. These are made to keep passengers’ satisfaction in concern and to make their journey comfortable and enjoyable.


From the second you step into the terminal, you are welcomed by an enthusiastic environment loaded up with people from everywhere in the world, excited to leave on their next journey. The ticket counters and security-designated spots are the main stop on your excursion, where you can handle your baggage and prepare for departure.

As you clear your path through the terminal, you’ll be encircled by a dizzying exhibit of shops, cafés, and lounges, where you can enjoy some last-minute retail therapy, eat something, or basically unwind and re-energize before your flight.

At long last, the boarding entryways call, flagging the beginning of your adventure. With a feeling of anticipation and excitement, you’ll advance onto the plane, prepared to take to the skies and explore all the marvels that the world offers.

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Services Offer Avianca JFK Terminal

  • Free WiFi access at the Terminal area
  • Cargo services
  • Business lounge
  • Kids area
  • Infant’s nursing center
  • Security pre-check

Avianca Arrivals at JFK Terminal Airport

Guayaquil (GYE)AV73924
San Salvador (SAL)AV5664
San Salvador (SAL)AV5704
Cartagena (CTG)AV644
Medellin (MDE)AV424
Bogota (BOG)AV201
Istanbul (IST)AV66354
Bogota (BOG)AV2104
Istanbul (IST)AV66291
Taipei (TPE)AV45111
Bogota (BOG)AV2444

Avianca Departures From JFK Terminal Airport

Istanbul (IST)AV66341
Taipei (TPE)AV45061
Guayaquil (GYE)AV73934
San Salvador (SAL)AV5714
San Salvador (SAL)AV5674
Cartagena (CTG)AV654
Medellin (MDE)AV434
Bogota (BOG)AV214
Istanbul (IST)AV66241
Bogota (BOG)AV2114
Bogota (BOG)AV2454

Avianca JFK Terminal: Location Map

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