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Have you ever been to the 9/11 Memorial Museum? If you have been there, what did you see there? Give us the answers to all these questions in the comments. Now I am telling you in detail about the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

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The American trip will remain incomplete if you do not visit New York which is famous for its iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Statue of Liberty and the sombering exhibits at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum becomes an easier task to visit with the 9/11 Memorial Museum Tickets to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks.

9/11 Memorial Museum Contact and Address

The 9/11 Memorial is located at the site of the World Trade Centre in New York City and is easily accessible with the 9/11 Memorial Tickets.

Located inWorld Trade Center
Address180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, USA
Hours 8 am–8 pm
Construction Started13 March 2006

History of 9/11 Memorial Museum

It narrates the stories of 9/11 via various mediums like media, a collection of authentic and monumental artifacts, and narratives about the loss, hope, and recovery. It occupies one-half of the sixteen-acre site and has twin reflecting pools.

The 9/11 Memorial has turned out to be a place of tranquility and remembrance within the buzzing lower Manhattan. Inside the 9/11 Memorial, the highlight of the design of the Memorial are the two pools which are nearly an acre in size and located at the footprints of the World Trade Towers.

These pools have the largest manmade waterfalls which cascade down from thirty feet into a square-shaped basin. Water from the pools travels twenty feet further and vanishes into a smaller and central void.

The names of the lost lives have been engraved on the bronze parapets on the edge of the memorial pools. The northern parapet has the names of the victims who lost their lives at the North Tower on the hijacked Flight 11 whereas the South pool includes the names of the first responders as well as victims who were killed at the South Tower on the hijacked Flight 175 at the Pentagon on the hijacked Flight 77 and also the hijacked Flight of 93.

The Glade at the memorial is a pathway that is flanked by six large stone monoliths which weigh around thirteen to eighteen tons as the design also embodies the steel from the original World Trade Centre Site.

At the site of Ground Zero in October 2001 was recovered a Celery Pear tree which has since been known as the Survivor Tree and happens to be the only living thing that came out of the rubbles. The roof of the Battery Parking Garage which lies in the south of the memorial has twin beams that reach up to four miles and echo the shape of the Twin Towers is known as Tribute in Light. It has become an iconic symbol that honors those who lost their lives and symbolizes the spirit of unity in New York.

9/11 Memorial Museum More Details

With the pre-booked 9/11 Memorial Tickets make sure you also visit the 9/11 Museum. The Museum narrates the history of the 9/11 attacks and the 1993 World Centre bombing where once the twin towers stood tall in their pride. The Museum lies in the underground and has displays covering the whole incident including the attacks on the Pentagon and the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania. The exhibition at the Museum is divided into three parts.

The first section depicts the events of the day which unfolded as you proceed towards the second section which brings forth the historical events which lead to the attacks. The third and final section covers the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

One of the exhibits at the 9/11 Museum is the NYC Fire Department Engine 21 has a burnt-out cab that holds testament to the ordeal faced by those who were present at the scene. Ïn Memoriam “ is a wall lined that has the names and photos of the three thousand people who just vanished into thin air.

Another relic that catches the attention of the visitors is the “Survivours Staircase “ which helped in reducing people and flee from the site in nick of time. In the Foundation Hall stands the only surviving steel wall after the destruction and the last steel column which was removed from the site is filled with messages and posters of missing persons.


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