5 Best Travel Shows in Japan You Need to Watch

Are you finally planning on accomplishing that one trip to Japan that you always wanted? Then we are sure you might not be needing much help here creating an itinerary. However, we would like to assist you a little by guiding you to watch some exceptional travel shows based in Japan that would be a great way for you to find out more about life in the country.

Since you will be streaming these shows (we have mentioned where they will be available) so we also recommend you have a steady internet connection also ready for it to be a smooth and lag-free experience. Therefore, internet services such as Spectrum Internet are an excellent choice that you can make, along with your decision to visit Japan.

Or if you are just enthusiastic to find out more about the lifestyle and culture of Japan even then this read is the one for you. We will be narrowing down the best travel shows that would take you on a journey through the busy streets.

So, prepare now to find out more about Japan and what to expect, and what experiences are a must for you.

James May: Our Man in Japan

Available On: Prime Video

If you have ever been intrigued by the famous shrines in Japan and their magnificent sceneries, also while acknowledging their contemporary hustling bustling streets, then come with James May on a journey across Japan.

From the busy streets to calming shrines, you will see it all here! Find out more about the festivities, the history behind them, and so much more. Uncover everything about Japan with James and his witty humor.

Midnight Diner

Available On: Netflix

Japan is a rich country when it comes to taste and is filled with meal shops that have some even greater stories to tell. Midnight Diner is all about unraveling several of these stories.

Through the streets of the cities, making way through scrumptious delicacies, Japanese cuisine has a lot to offer. You will watch these home-cooked meals and find out what excites your taste palette the most since most of these are not available in any restaurants around the world and are local to Japan’s traditions.

You will be left feeling quite hungry after watching this, but also excited to try on some new dishes you have never before.

Prime Japan

Available On: Prime Video

Do you want to find out more about Japan, their culture, traditions, and well even their obsession with cats? Then Prime Japan is what you must watch!

You get to watch the in-depth food culture and Japanese heritage, and also a little help in making a list of places to visit as you see all the breathtaking landscapes like nowhere else. Especially when you get all the detailed information and find out about historical values and practices, it makes it all the more interesting.

This will also be a great way for you to grasp a little about the country before you even visit. Always a wise decision to do your homework.

Joanna Lumley’s Japan

Available On: Prime Video

Joanna Lumley travels to Japan, and the beautiful, scenic views are exceptionally captured in this series that will make you want to leave everything about your life right now and rush there to escape. The beauty of their culture, and even their city lives that are up to the contemporary times would only make you want to make the move entirely.

It’s a three-part series, so you will have ample fun watching the experiences Japan has to offer.

Gaycation: Japan

Available On: YouTube, Tubi, Prime Video

How about keeping up with the modern and latest scenes in Japan? How is the country for the LGBTQ+ community? To find out the answers, watch Gaycation in Japan with Elliot Page and Ian Daniel.

The hosts embark on the journey in different countries across the world and find out the current status of the LGBTQ+ community and their treatment. Beginning from Japan’s traditional shrine to the smallest gay bar, it will be a fun rude.

Closing Remarks

The above-mentioned travel shows about Japan will surely offer you some useful insights into the life of Japan and what you can expect on your visit there. So, make the fullest of your trip, and try everything the country has to offer!

Don’t be a frog in the well that knows nothing of the sea, and allow yourself an experience of a lifetime in Japan.

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