10 Things To Do In Sulphur Springs TX

Things To Do In Sulphur Springs TX

Sulphur Springs boasts everything including historical monuments and sites to unusual attractions and entertaining boutiques, not to forget all of the remarkable pubs and eateries to satiate every appetite as you cross stuff off your task list.

If you choose to go outside, you can visit one of the numerous gardens or a winery, or you could stay in central Sulphur Springs & visit any of the numerous boutique stores. Whatever your plans are for your next vacation, there are a lot of things to do in Sulphur Springs TX.

1. Phinesse Farms Winery

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Sulphur Springs TX, treat your special somebody to Phinesse Farm Winery. This winery seems to be the result of Phil’s love for his spouse Vanessa, who serves as the proprietor.

Phinesse Farms Winery

The wines ranged from fruity blends to austere red as well as white wines, with Noblianti representing their flagship product. This family-owned vineyard is currently 4 acres (1.6 hectares) in size, with a sample room along Main Street.

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2. Main Street Community Theatres

If you’re looking for some different things to do in Sulphur Springs TX and are weary of going to the movies, why not consider community theatre?

When you attend a performance at Main Street Public Movie theatres, you are not only funding the artists and the care of the Main Street stage, but you are also assisting the company behind all this Sulphur Springs treasure—Community Players Inc. The Lion King Jr.,  Jungle Book The Musical, Dearly Departed, and Greater Tuna are among their previous productions.

Main Street Community Theatres

3. Lake Coleman

If you wish to experience the peaceful aspect of Sulphur Springs, take a picturesque walk around Lake Coleman. The water is right off Texas Hwy 313 and next to Coleman Park, wherein your kids may run about and engage upon that ball field.

A concrete walkway all around the pond allows visitors to get a closer examination of the Sulphur Springs feature. There are several picnic sites with charcoal barbecues and seats. If you want to go fishing, you can do so directly at the dock. This is one of the best things to do in Sulphur Springs TX.

Lake Coleman

4. Arturo’s Wood-Fired Pizza Gallery

Drop by Arturo’s Wood Baked Pizza Studio on Main Street to satisfy your pizza needs. This eatery ensures that all of its items are obtained regionally and use only the finest ingredients.

Begin your dinner with garlic sticks with marinara or perhaps a pasta dish. Korean BBQ, Artino, Mexican Pizzas, and Meat-A-Saurus are among their top pizzas. There’s also a vegetarian pizza as well as the chance to create your own. Arturo also serves burgers, pasta, and a variety of sweets.

5. Hopkins County Courthouse

The Hopkins Court House, located in the charming central Sulphur Springs, was designated as an authorized Texas monument in 1975. In 1894, the ancient courthouse and the whole east side of both squares were destroyed by fire.

The current courthouse, which stands on the northwestern portion of the square, was built the following year out of fire-resistant red Texas granite.

6. Southwest Dairy Museum

The Southwestern Dairy Museum showcases the history, current, and destiny of the dairy sector. The 10,000-square-foot (930-square-meter) museum includes a five-story silos complex that serves as the base for the Southwestern Dairy Farmers’ different activities.

Southwest Dairy Museum

7. Coleman Park

The 2.5-mile (4-kilometre) cement walking track meanders all around the lake, via two stunning falls, over 3 arches, through a cave, and ultimately linking you to the football as well as baseball grounds. There is also a pond in this vast athletic area.

Coleman Park contains 7 football pitches, 3 baseball diamonds, 3 softball sectors, 2 tennis courts, an angling pier, various picnic sites (equipped with barbecue grills and seats), a playground, a walking trail, and 2 food kiosks situated in the football and baseball spots.

Coleman Park

8. Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park

The Hopkins State Museum as well as Heritage Park spans 11 acres and includes 17 restored historical structures (4.4 ha).

The George but instead Myra Wilson House, constructed in 1910, has already been transformed into a museum with a significant doll exhibit, Civil War collectibles, women’s attire, household objects, as well as a primitive gathering of fossils unearthed in Northeastern Texas. This constitutes one of the best things to do in Sulphur Springs TX.

9. Hopkins County Veterans Memorial

Discover how Hopkins County veterans aided their nation via stories about their dedication and sacrifice, which have been collected and exhibited there at Hopkins County Veterans Monument. It’s tough to imagine how ordinary individuals served so heroically during impossible periods of war.

It has been an eye-opening opportunity to observe the results of such extensive devotion and commitment to their nation through historical stories and occurrences.

10. Glass Bathrooms

While walking around, you might pause to gaze at yourself in a reflection and not realize you’re looking directly into a restroom! Sulphur Springs, Texas, erected the first all-glass toilets in the United States in 2012.

Few people might feel at ease using a restroom with see-through panels in the center of a bustling central square, however, the greatest part is that nothing is seen from the outside, only from the interior. Some residents had mixed feelings about using the restrooms, with one claiming they were fine with it and another other claiming they didn’t mind.

Glass Bathrooms


Sulphur Springs, TX, might not be among Texas’s largest or most well-known areas, yet it has almost as many attractions as any of our major cities. There are certainly plenty of things to do in Sulphur Springs TX, with its historic sites, museums, shopping, eateries, and parks.

Furthermore, the diversity of one-of-a-kind attractions, including the one-way glass bathrooms and the virtual world arcade, create this among the most exciting places to see in Texas. When arranging your next trip, whether it’s a weeklong retreat or a weekend escape, don’t forget to consider Sulphur Springs TX!


Describe the best things to do in Sulphur Springs.

When in Sulphur Springs, don’t miss out on Cooper Pond State Park, Phinesse Farms Winery, Hopkins County Veterans Monument, plus Hopkins County Courthouse.

Which are the top famous family activities in Sulphur Springs?

Among the most prominent things to do in Sulphur Springs TX with families include feasting at Arturo’s Wooden Fired Pizza Cafe, touring Southwest Dairy Memorial, enjoying lunch at Lake Coleman, and seeing a performance at Main Street Public Theatres.

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